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F22 Air Dominance Fighter (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

F22 Air Dominance Fighter Credits


Managing DirectorMartin Kenwright
Projects DirectorDon Whiteford
Creative DirectorShaun Hollywood
Development DirectorColin Bell
Director of R&DChris Orton
Sofware Development DirectorRussell Payne
ProducerSimon Kershaw, Simon Kershaw
Techical ProducerRoger Godfrey
Producer EF2000 v2Tim Johnson
Lead ProgrammerStephen Powell
ProgrammerDerek Johnson, Gareth Clough, John Williams, Mark Lomas, Steven Hunt, Tim Preece, Richard Taylor
Aero EngineerDavid Ewing, Jeremy O'Brien
Senior programmerSteve Monks
Head of AIMichael Hocking
Graphic DesignerBill Bird
Interface Art DirectorStephen White
Senior ArtistDonna Jennett, Andy Bate, Andy Gahan, Martin Carter
Interface ArtistDamian Edwards
Head of Art and DesignIan Boardman, Paul Hollywood
ArtistDavid Ambler, Neil Ambler, Matthew Green, Craig Houston, Andrew Manns, Ian Tasker, Chantelle Thacker
Head of R&DMike Burrows
Head of AudioRobin Anderson
Windows GUI APIScott Kirkland
Quality Control ManagerTony Buckley
Lead Game TesterSimon Livesey
Head TesterJon Spencer
Game Testing, Missions Building, Technical SupportJohn Knight, Carl Jackson, Phil Owen, Matt Pearson, Philip Mervik, Dave Armsby, Jonathan Radcliffe, Robert D. Lunt, David Moore
Head of Military ProjectsNevil Plura
Military LiaisonsPaul Chaffe
Corporate and Media RelationsGordon MacKay
Publisher LiaisonsNick Clarkson
AdministrationLynda Whitby, Dawn Ashworth, Jodie Grant, Melanie Rutter
Network SupervisorNev Cook
Netwrok SupportRaymon Merrell
Thanks toWorld Air Power, Anders Borgvall, Apple Warrington, Daniel Crenshaw, Len Hjlmarson, Edward G. Kinateder, Jeffery Babineau, Steven J. Chmura, Mark Doran, Gary Ward, Bill Moffat, John Warden III, Rich Reynolds (Colonel), Elsie, Reg, Gerry Grzyb, Ian Jones, Ivan Davies, Jerome Zimmermann, Bud Breckner (Major general), Pete Birch, Robert Lynch, Thom Lecky Thomson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Zeen (4466)