F/A-18E Super Hornet Credits


Design DirectorRod J. Swift
External ProducerTony Bickley
ProducerAnthony Redfern
DesignPaul-Jon Bowron, Paul Burrows, David K. Marshall, Anthony Redfern, Rod J. Swift
ManualPaul-Jon Bowron, David K. Marshall
Lead ProgrammerGraham Rudd
ProgramersTony Burton, Laurie Dobson, Stuart Gillam, Andrew Heap, Adam Lusted, Paulo Pinto, Rod J. Swift, Scott Tickner, Simon Warner
Artists (Graphics)Jerry Smith, Phil Warner
3D Modelling (Graphics)Paul Evans, Nick Mascall, Alan Massey
Lead Animator (Rendered sequences)Simon Hegarty
Animators (Rendered sequences)Paul Martin, Jerry Smith, Phil Warner
Editing (Rendered sequences)Russell Alcock, Simon Hegarty, Paul Martin
Video compressionPaul Burrows
ActorsGlenn Conroy, Frido Ruth
Music composition and productionDavid R. Punshon, Richard Wells
Sound effectsRussell Alcock
Voice artistsJay Benedict, John Chancer
"Bitchin' Betty"Kate Kula
Production ManagerRod Cobain
Packaging & Graphic Design, Manual Layout & Illustration Wendy Christoforato, Paul Clarke, Simon Hegarty, Paul Martin, Nick McMahon
MarketingSteve Tagger
Network AdministrationDamian Bradbury
AdministrationStephanie Burnett, Clare Kirkwood, Ceri O'Shea

Cover (US)

Cover Artwork byGary Meyer

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