Face of Mankind Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Picking a faction in the character creator
Cloning leaves you in a blurry stupor while your body heals.
The cloning facility.
Travel map showing all locations (as of March 2010)
Close up of a player model.
The game can be played in first or third-person views.
Characters cast dynamic shadows.
Warp effects from this gun. Battles are fast and in real time.
A briefing room that players can use for roleplaying.
On board the Yukon, a command ship for the military faction
Small newbie zone above NYC. Weapons prohibited.
Checking the marketplace.
New York City's travel nexus.
Players inspected by law enforcement.
When in New York, visit scenic Moe's Pub.
Rain drips onto these glass walkways. Weather changes throughout the game's day.
Looking at a planetary control terminal shows some conquest history.
A battle erupts in a crowded area.
Walking the streets of future Tokyo.
A restaurant in Tokyo offers roleplaying possibilities.
Quiet street in future Paris.
Outside Vortex Co.'s Paris headquarters.
The Eiffel Tower is still around and can be visited.
De Morgan's Castle, mine and penal colony.
Andromeda City is one of Earth's first colonies in the game.
It's not all alleys and steel. Necars Field is an open green planet.
Beauty comes at a price... Necars Field has alien life!
Pegasi 51 colony.
Alleys and shops on the colony of Aurelia.
A troop from the Guardians of Mankind faction.
Titan's Station colony.
Some soldiers from the Brotherhood of the Shadows faction.
Inside Ceres Delta colony.
Entry area for Kepler's Dome colony.
Manufacturing hub at Kepler's Dome.
Brutalist hallways of Pax Prime colony.
An automated turret guards a power plant on Pax Prime.