Faces of War (Windows)

Faces of War Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
This tank was destroyed with dynamite after it was immobilised in a minefield I laid down.
Buildings can get into a bad shape during battles.
A sniper can be very useful in handling fixed positions.
Beautiful countryside can be useful as cover.
Moving through streets using the tank as cover..too bad the tank will be destroyed in about a second.
Urban combat is fast, furious and dirty.
Covering fire from the squad while flamethrowers move into position.
Flame throwers are awesome weapons if a little bit short in range.
A bit of countryside action after some torching and nade tossing.
Preparing to assault house. Flamethrowers on the right, rest of squad on the left.
This doesn't look like it's going our way...
Tommies celebrating Fourth of July. Unfortunately the Yanks forgot to tell them not to stand so close to the fireworks...
Rocket attack in the middle of the night.
Taking cover behind destroyed tank while squad performs some first aid.
Yes, boss.
Mission completed!
Unfortunately your guys are no rocket-scientists..in a few seconds time the jerrys on the right have killed most of the squad.
Taking cover behind a vehicle..the blueish graphs show how the guys will position themselves.