Written by  :  taly01 (8)
Written on  :  Feb 19, 2005
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Am i the ONLY one to review this brilliant sim!

The Good

Incredibly high quality game, and after patching to 1.08 very stable. This game looks fantastic and plays like real life, it is truly a virtual world of air combat. Imagine flying into a valley on route to your target an seeing a tank battle that is been properly fought by the AI, finding enemy air patrols all tasked by a theatre level AI! The player is only a tiny part of the combat that is underway across the Korean peninsula. The mod support for this game is phenomenal - its even more hardcore with SuperPak, BMS, FreeFalcon etc

The Bad

Too complicated, this game sometimes requires several key strokes to change a radar mode (as in real life) etc. You don't casually play this game it'll be the ONLY game you play due to its steep learning curve. The many patchs and mods are hard to keep up with for "casual" players.

The Bottom Line

This is more than a game this is even more than a sim! Its a complete war! This is the holy grail of flight sims and unlikely to ever be surpassed. An entire war is modelled in Korea with ground/air/sea forces all under (intelligent) AI control. This game is not easy to learn - expect a month to learn how to do a basic mission! But if you want the ulimate realism you'll be in heaven.