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The Fall: Last Days of Gaia (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

The Fall: Last Days of Gaia Credits


Lead DesignerCarsten Strehse
Lead ProgrammerRonny Knauth
Lead Technical ProgrammerSebastian Tusk
Scenery DesignJan Jordan
Lead WriterRoger Wiegels
Project ManagerStefan Hoffmann
Game DesignJohannes Ulbricht (Dr.), Barbara Luzi, Angela Hoffmann, Jeff Husges, Damien Foletto
ProgrammingAlexander Miseler, Andreas Bender, Mirko König, Sven Widmer
ArtistsDaniel Töpfer, Malte Fritzler, Adrian Kästorf, Christian Mauck, Martin Dietrich, Michael Tillmann, Danny Freitag, Ersin Macar, Markus Salinski
WriterCarsten Staritz, Jan Boehm, Thomas Horn, Benjamin Peter, Michael Mosel, Sebastian Blaum, Thomas Schmidt, Heiko Aulbach, Patrick Busch
Title ThemeDarkseed
Music & SoundThomas Herrmann, Jochen Gerold, Boris Nonte
Dialoge DirectorViktor Pavel
Speech RecordingIKSample
Special Thanks toZanahoria +2004, Tayl, J.D., Habitante de Glow, Proyecto, Espectro, cid, Faramir, Bully, zed_den, Footpig, Mordrag, Monolith, Medusa, Cokol, ninjamastertk, Bobbin, Skaw, papryk, ZolanSilverspear, Revólver, Zabrigos, ¿Debo?, Shadowstorm, Kharn, Dole
Voice of Female Protagonist (German)Step Laube
Voice of Protagonist (German)Frank Brückner
AdministrationDominik Deichsel
EditorSara Schade

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