The Fall: Last Days of Gaia Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

What a nice summer day.
But it's a nature sealed under a dome.
This little girl asking her mother about their leader.
Phoenix, leader of the Ratskull gang that torched the leader's village.
Main game menu
Choose your Avatar.
Starting point
Cut-scene sequence
He is dead, Jim
The president's mansion
Maybe there's some water in it, or deathclaws.
A dreamy village...more or less.
Look at me, I look nothing like the guy on the left.
I'll take a look and then kill everybody inside...
Nice hair
It will fly no more.
Night mission
Finally better equipment
Undressing time!
Here lies Bob Doors...
Another shooting
Inside a cave
Journal - really funny (if you don't speak Polish you must believe me;-)
World map
The best armor I have discovered.
You can drive cars in this game!
Buggy racing! Wiiiii!!
Assisting a childbirth
Impersonating a group of garbage collectors in order to infiltrate an enemy base
Hmmm... this looks like it could be fun!
Wrong!! Ouch...!!
Fighting for equipment and experience at the arena
Watch out, these kids call the shots around here...
Interrupting a religious sacrifice!
Looks like Lamborghini started making tanks before the war....
And here's the included editor.