Written by  :  Vaelor (381)
Written on  :  Oct 14, 2004
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Just like Fallout 1, but... bigger.

The Good

After posting a review of Fallout 1 here on MobyGames that sounded something like a lovesick eleven year old girl talking about her favorite American Idol star - purely because everything that could be said about the game had already been said but I still had a passionate urge to say something anyway - I thought I'd try posting a review of Fallout 2 that would be somewhat more explanatory as to WHY the Fallout series is such an unquestionable must-have for every PC gamers collection.

Unfortunately, Zovni has beaten me to it again, with such a comprehensively gargantuan review, that all he's left me to do is mumble like a freshly dipped Super Mutant and say "Guhhh, game good! Like he said, game good!". =)

To paraphrase Zovni's review, the best possible thing I could say about Fallout 2 is that it is exactly like Fallout 1, but much bigger. And being that Fallout 1 is the best RPG, and arguably the best computer game, ever created by man, I can't think of a more shining compliment to give Fallout 2.

The Bad

Ironically, that same statement stands for the one bad thing about the Fallout series - the bugs. Fallout 2 had several game glitches, much like its predecessor, but more of them. But no matter how many times one of my henchmen blows off my head with a poorly aimed chaingun burst, or my game crashes and my save file becomes corrupt because I just happened to co-incidentally place exactly 13 rounds of 10mm AP ammo in the third locker from the left while carrying a sledgehammer and facing east, I still just can't bring myself to think or say anything bad about Fallout 2. No matter how many times I may feel like throwing my PC out the window due to some small programming glitch, the intense playability of this timeless RPG always lures me back.

The Bottom Line

At the risk of sounding repetitive or plaguaristic, Zovni has already said it best - look at any bottom line from a review of Fallout 1 and you've got your answer here. If you played and enjoyed Fallout 1, then you should be hitting the Buy/Trade button to the left there instead of reading this bottom line. If you haven't played Fallout 1, then in the name of all things good and holy, GO AND PLAY IT!! And if you've played Fallout 1 but didn't enjoy it, then please seek your local mental health professional immediately. =)