Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Welcome to the villa!
With the gas poisoning you the clinic becomes very important place.
Sierra Madre chips could be used to buy some important items in those machines.
Who had written it?
Powerful weapon, but too little of ammo could be found there
He almost made it.
Mutant with split personality. Very unusual companion.
Inside one of villa's rooms.
Reading logs fond in working computers would help to understand what really happened here.
Dark and foggy streets with death awaiting you after every corner.
Look for holes in the walls. Sometimes they are only one way to reach your objective.
The sun never pass through the Cloud.
Reaching The Sierra Madre vault.
Cant miss opportunity to drink some clean water.
He can't talk so communicating with her would be troublesome.
Welcome to the Sierra Madre casino.
The stage is ready for Domino's last performance.
Collapsing Sierra Madre vault
I have never trusted this ghoul.
Cornered by one of ghost people.
Playing blackjack with holographic croupier.