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Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues Credits

Fallout: New Vegas DLC

Project DirectorChris Avellone
Lead ProducerJason Fader
ProducersMikey Dowling, Akil Hooper, Matthew Singh
Additional ProductionNathalie Gomez, Hugh McGinley
Art DirectorJoseph A. Sanabria
Lead Concept ArtistBrian Menze
Concept ArtistJulie Kim
Lead Character ArtistsDaniel Alpert, Kevin Manning
Character ArtistsAaron Brown, J.D. Cerince, Jonatan Lopez
Additional Character ArtChristopher Willis
Lead Environment ArtistJames Garcia
Environment ArtistsKristen Carrie-Wong Altamirano, Brad Boyles, Aaron Brown, Sean Dunny, Rose Gomez, David Lieu, James Melilli, Megan Parks
Lead AnimatorMark Bremerkamp
AnimatorsSeth McCaughey
Audio DirectorScott Lawlor
Lead Sound DesignerAndrew Dearing
Sound DesignerJustin Bell
Music byJustin Bell
Additional Sound DesignMikey Dowling
Lead Level DesignerCharles Staples
Lead Systems DesignersEric Beaumont, Joshua Eric Sawyer
Lead World BuilderScott Everts
World BuildersJessica Edge, Denise McMurry, Megan Parks, Sydney Wolfram
Aera DesignersJesse Farrell, Jeff Husges, Jessica Johnson, Robert Lee, John Lewis, Denise McMurry, Olivier Pougnand, Jorge Salgado, Travis Stout, Sydney Wolfram, Ryan Zingler
Additional Area DesignAkil Hooper, Casey Kwock, J. R. Vosovic
Narrative DesignersChris Avellone, John Gonzalez, Joshua Eric Sawyer, Travis Stout
Technical WriterTanya Thamkruphat
Lead ProgrammerJonathan Burke
ProgrammersMichael Bosley, Frank Kowalkowski
Additional ProgrammingJason Fader
QA LeadAnthony Rogers
QA TestersAshley Betters, Casey Kwock

Old World Blues Cast

Dr. MobiusCam Clarke
Dr. Klein / Main Computer / Prototype Auto-DocJames Kevin Ward
Dr. Borous / Book ChuteBeau Weaver
Dr. Dala / SinkJocelyn Blue
Dr. OJames Urbaniak
Player's Brain / X8 Robobrain / MuggySunil Malhotra
Christine / Stealth Suit / Light SwitchVeronica Belmont
ToasterJace Hall
JukeboxRashawn Underdue
UlyssesRoger Cross

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (160687)