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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.8
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.4
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.6
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.5

Critic Reviews

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100 (Aug 23, 2011)
I know this was light on details, but details make this one. Even the setup is too good to give away. Just grab this one, and trust me when I say it is easily the most entertaining thing that’s been released for Fallout New Vegas thus far.
Game Watcher (Aug 10, 2011)
In the end I knocked it down a little because yes, assets do get reused (no matter how imaginatively), it’s very talky in parts (no matter how good the talking) and to be fair there will be Fallout players out there who will hate it just because it chucks realism and grittiness out the window. You will love it though if you chose the Weird Wasteland perk, loved the Vault filled with Garys in 3, or just don’t mind playing through an extremely funny and well-written DLC pack that throws interesting surprises at you all the time, rewards exploration greatly, and packs more imagination and play-time in it than nearly every other full-priced game out there.
Atomic Gamer (Jul 25, 2011)
Bethesda has announced one final DLC add-on for New Vegas that will complete the Courier's story, and that'll be it. Let's hope that the success of the game overall - even if it was never a big runaway hit - prompts Bethesda to bring Obsidian back to work on future installment of Fallout in a few years, hopefully on a new game engine. id Tech 5 seems like a pretty good fit, don't you think?
NZGamer (Aug 03, 2011)
"Sad, scary, kooky, weird and wonderful."
GameSpy (Jul 25, 2011)
A handful of bugs chew their way into this immersive experience, including an all-too-frequent fast-travel crash that makes you completely reload the game... but it's still not enough to derail the DLC juggernaut that is Old World Blues. With more than 13 hours' worth of fun, hilarious, and classic Fallout content, Fallout: new Vegas -- Old World Blues is a must for any New Vegas owner.
GameSpot (Jul 28, 2012)
And the poor lighting and indistinct textures can make it difficult to spot mines or even quest items. But there's a good amount of content in here for enthusiasts--along with some new perks, a five-level increase to the level cap, and various weapons and clothing to take back with you into the Nevada wastes. You even earn a device called the transportalponder, which allows you to freely teleport between the crater and the desert. But the best reason Old World Blues gives you to return to Fallout: New Vegas is its nonstop humor, which is so outlandish as to make you laugh out loud, yet restrained enough to never be tasteless. At one point, you are told, "I have very good raisins for everything I do." And there is no better raisin to return to Fallout: New Vegas than this hilarious add-on.
3D Juegos (Jul 22, 2011)
El contenido descargable, además, tiene una dificultad bien calibrada. Old World Blues nos recomienda al inicio del add-on no aventurarnos en su mundo a no ser que superemos el nivel 15 de personaje, algo más que razonable teniendo en cuenta el reto que trae consigo. La expansión prolonga en cinco niveles de experiencia el nuevo límite del personaje, y además se nos ofrecerán algunos nuevos elementos para sumar a nuestro arsenal y nuestra propia base de operaciones en este Gran Vacío al que podremos regresar siempre que deseemos una vez terminado.
IGN (Jul 22, 2011)
After playing Dead Money and Honest Hearts, Old World Blues was a great surprise. Sure, the gameplay formula is typical Fallout -- fetch quests, exploration, killing, and moral decision making -- but it’s wrapped in a genuinely humorous package. That plus the boosted level cap, new arsenal and charming characters make this package well worth the $10 or 800 Microsoft point price tag.
80 (Aug 05, 2011)
Hvis du likte Fallout: New Vegas finnes det ingen gode grunner for at du ikke også skal like Old World Blues. Den byr på mer av alt: Mer action, mer å utforske, mer å lage og masse mer moro!
GameStar (Germany) (Jul 22, 2011)
Das Szenario von Old World Blues gefällt mir mit seiner Bioshock-Forschungsanlage und den Portal-Robo-Wissenschaftlern sehr gut und auch die Kämpfe sind endlich wirklich fordernd. Aber muss Obsidian gerade bei einem Dialog-lastigen Rollenspiel bei der deutschen Übersetzung derart schlampen? Wenn ich die Hälfte der Zeit die Dialoge vorspule oder im Kopf zurück auf Englisch übersetze, um den Sinn zu verstehen, läuft etwas falsch. Trotzdem ist Old World Blues ein ordentliches Paket: Die fünf zusätzlichen Charakter-Level, neuen Perks, die abgedrehten Waffen und die große Spielwelt zum Erforschen haben mich knapp acht Stunden beschäftigt – für einen 10-Euro-DLC fair.
Game Revolution (Jul 28, 2011)
That said, Old World Blues is one of the best written DLCs for a Fallout game ever. It plays a strong part in the post-New Vegas story that the DLC packs are building, With that said, it's also one of the worst paced, with some of the most boring fetch quests you're likely to find in any Fallout game. It feels like an excuse to deliver excellent dialogue and humor, but with very few instances of quality content to actually play through.
65 (Jul 22, 2011)
Fallout New Vegas : Old World Blues est une extension encourageante. Basée sur un pitch délicieusement absurde, dans l'esprit des comics de science-fiction des années 50, elle vous propose de parcourir une vaste zone dotée d'un contenu généreux. Il ne lui manque que l'essentiel : de vraies missions, autrement plus motivantes que "ramène-moi ce truc, je te dirai à quoi ça sert". Le Grand Rien reste malgré tout un formidable terrain de jeu à conseiller à tous ceux qui ne sont pas particulièrement exigeants en matière de quêtes. Mais il faut bien l'avouer : on attend encore mieux de la part d'Obsidian.
Gamekult (Jul 26, 2011)
Quelques ajouts bienvenus vu que le Grand Rien est particulièrement hostile. Entre exploration, combats en masse, passages infiltration et quêtes Fedex, Old World Blues reste donc dans la norme du genre, avec une quête centrale qui se bouclera en une poignée d'heures. Les objectifs secondaires épaissiront l'aventure pour ceux qui passeront la zone au peigne fin, et mettront à profit les bonus et items supplémentaires apportés par ce DLC classique mais bien fichu.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun (Jul 20, 2011)
The only real downsides of the expansion are that it takes a while to get into, with an opening that can easily be half an hour or so of almost nothing but dialogue. However, it’s funny dialogue, and calms down once you start properly. Also, while there are more enemies to fight than lobotomised zombies and roboscorpions, you’ll soon have more than your fill of both. Beyond that, if you enjoyed New Vegas but weren’t inspired by the first two packs, this is definitely the one to jump back in for, not least to prepare for next month’s finale.