Fallout: New Vegas (Windows)

Fallout: New Vegas Screenshots

Windows version

This is the menu. Largely unchanged, but with a cool picture.
Another screenie from the Start Menu
A shot of New Vegas from the pre-rendered introduction. Those faint blobs are NCR soldiers.
A cool slo-mo shot of an NCR ranger firing their rifle at a raider. Once again, from the pre-rendered opening cinematic. I'm not sure why the cinematic renders are so blurry in screenshot format.
Say hi to your antagonist and two of his gawk-eyed goons. From the intro where your character is shot and buried.
Gameplay once again takes place from a first person perspective.
You can now aim down the sights of your gun, rather than just zooming the camera slightly..
V.A.T.S. is back.
V.A.T.S. still uses a cinematic camera.
This is my character. Her name is Renma DeLuca.
One of the beautiful loading screens
Typical Fallout scene: broken railway that doesn't lead anywhere, smoke over ruined houses... desolation and sadness
Using a rifle to fight a power ganger near a rusty car skeleton
I followed a trader caravan with a couple of brahmins, only to reach these highway ruins with an awesome view!
Switching to third-person perspective. You'll stumble across many interesting and weird places on your quest...
Your trusty Pipboy is there to help you, as always
NPCs actually have some routines here. Nothing outstanding, but definitely better than in Fallout 3. The lady here sweeps the floor, ignoring the dynamite in my hands
You'll meet many colorful, grotesque, and hilarious characters, similarly to other Obsidian games
Howdy, pardner! A small-town train station and a magnum in my hand - it doesn't get any more Old West than that
Finally, made it to the titular New Vegas! This is Freeside - the less fancy part of the city, but still considerably more alive than anything we've seen in Fallout 3
Ooookay... I'll check it out right away. Love the outfit! Hehe...
This is a ghoul stand-up comedian! I bet you haven't met many of those...
In the many casinos, you can play various games, including blackjack - a great way to make money!
NPC dialogues are varied and lively. They will share personal experiences and tell you stories
Oh wow. This is the famed Las Vegas Strip. The view is incredible
Oh wow again! The pleasures of flesh, indeed... well, we should relax before saving the world and all, right?..
Inside of one of the several fancy casinos in the city
Watching a strip show!
You bet I am!! :))
All those small towns full of unseen poverty and decay - and luxury hotels in New Vegas...
The fateful dialogue with Mr. House, the mysterious owner of the Strip. "Big Brother is watching you", that's the feeling I get here
A beautiful restaurant on the top floor with a view over the desert
Presidential suite. Compare that to the small-town motel on screenshot #16...
Even during the day, New Vegas looks amazing
The "Dino from Novac" and you can go inside it!
NRC (New California Republic) embassy. You'll deal with these guys a lot
There are two snipers watching the roads in the "Dino from Novac"
Helios One Power Plant
Inside the Power Plant "Helios One"
With Workbenches you can breakdown bullets and create new ammo with special features.