German version

In the German version blood and gore effects were removed. The latter, in contrast to Fallout 3, does not affect robots and animals.


There is an unofficial mod made by lead designer Josh Sawyer. It basically makes the game harder, e.g. by adding expired stimpacks, and fixes item values. It was not released as an official patch because of balancing concerns and technical incompatibilities with the console version. The mod can be found on Mod DB.


  • The unique weapon YCS/186 is a reference to the Something Awful sub-forum Your Console Sucks (forums id 186)
  • The dead mercenary Johnny, only found with the Wild Wasteland perk, is based on Johnny Five Aces from the cancelled game The Zybourne Clock which originated from the Something Awful forums.

References: Star Trek

Fallout: New Vegas draws attention to and often pays homage to the numerous Star Trek series;
  • The perk Set Lasers for Fun is a reference to the phrase "Set phasers to stun" from Star Trek: TOS and subsequent series.
  • The damage challenge "Beam (Weapon) Me Up" is a reference to the phrase "Beam me up, Scotty". Interestingly this is actually a famous misquote. The closest it ever came to being said was in the fourth Star Trek film when Kirk says: "Scotty, beam us up."
  • The Jem'Hadar quote "Obedience Brings Victory" can sometimes be heard after upgrading the Securitrons to Mark II.

Van Buren

Fallout: New Vegas has some similarities to Van Buren, Black Isle's cancelled Fallout 3. While the plot is almost completely different, both games are set in the Mojave desert and use a war between the Brotherhood of Steel and NCR respectively the struggle of NCR and Cesar's Legion over Hoover Dam as backdrop. Also the "Burned Man" Joshua Graham, who plays an important part in the Legion's recent history and the DLC Honest Hearts, was a companion in Van Buren. He was supposed to be the statistically best companion with the downside of being very evil and causing problems for the player when interacting with tribal residents and towns.

These similarities are not surprising because some of Obisidian's staff used to work for Black Isle, including the original lead designer of Van Buren, writer/COO Chris Avellone, and his successor, lead designer Josh Sawyer.


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    • 2010 – #2 Best Role-Playing Game of the Year
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