Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel (Windows)

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Written by  :  Chad Henshaw (32)
Written on  :  Jan 13, 2002

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Its good, but not fallout

The Good

(see bellow)

The Bad

(See bellow)

The Bottom Line

Fallout tactics is a good game, let me just say that first.

Now, to the actual review.

Fallout tactics is NOT fallout 3. It is not a RPG. it is a tactics game, based in the fallout universe.

The storyline goes, that at one stage, in order to find other civilisations, stop the eastward-headed mutants, and get rid of some brotherhood members with radically different idealogical ideas, the brotherhood sent a few airships east.

As always, nothing went to plan, and a few went off course, landing near what was once Chicargo.

Cut off from HQ, this allowed the survivors to do what they always wanted to do, radically overhaul the brotherhood into more of a police/defence force, getting fresh recruits in exchange for protection, and trading more strongly, as well as the usual mutant and vault hunting.

If you've played fallout before, the idea of Continous-turned-based may totaly turn you off the game, luckily you can switch to totaly turn-based, as each PC, or Player taking turns. I recomend Individual-turned-based just to start with, and changing modes for special occasions (switch to CTB when you arent in a battle (like when 2 computer opponents are duking it out, and squad when you are only using a couple of your entire squad. to change modes in battle, press "O", change the mode, return to the game, then end-combat if you are in TB, or press "O", change to either squad or individual, return to the gane, then press enter if you are in CTB)

So, is it any good? the answer is, yes and no.

like Fallout 2, Tatics does try and poke fun at the fallout universe, and sci-fi in general, but not nearly as strong as in fo2. Nuka-Cola has branched out into new flavors (Nuka Cola, Classic Nuka Cola, Cherry Nuka Cola, and a yellow one are all that I have found so far).

The Entire Item list has been redone. Instead of running out on a random chance, First aid kits, and Doctors bags now have a set number of uses before they run out. most food heals hitpoints (although some will take away a few attributes temporarily), the list of chems has been expanded, as have the types of stimpacks and books (including "Murdocks Tricks and Traps", and "Zen and the art of Driving").

Weapons are totaly redone. Hunting rifles now use 7.something mm ammo, .303 is now in the game (instead of all .303 weapons being "rechambered" in the other FO games), more guns, hth-weapons (including a HTH weapon that uses shotgun shells, and a whole range of gloves).

It also runs in higher resolutions (either 800x600, or 1024xwhatever), with more colours. Towns now only have one map (for better or worse), with most having many levels.

But, I dunno, it just doesnt have that fallout-rpg style feel.