Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel (Windows)

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel Screenshots

Windows version

intro (cont.)
War. War never changes...
title screen
Creating or choosing your character
Create your own missions...
The info screen got a little crammed up
Bartering (note the Star Trek joke)
Recruiting screen
Talking to npcs has been simplified
All fear Roachor!! King of Roaches!!
Here doggie doggie... BLAM!
The map screen / The BOS Bunker
The infamous poker-playing Bhramins
Yes! Now there are ghouls and super mutant whores!!.........What??
A little secret...
Morte doing a little cameo
Could he be...?
Yes! and you can even recruit him!
I'll be mooo..er back!
Black humor is alive and well in this game
Nope, you can't fly her.
That is so not a good idea...
The world map screen.
Houston, we have a problem...
Your squad will occasionally receive help from friendly NPCs. Here, the Mother Deathclaw and her brood help you battle the Beastlord's evil leader Emperor Daarr
The Brotherhood of Steel in an end-of-chapter boss fight against the tommygun-wielding Super Mutant leader Gammorin
A tough fight against the Robots, including an extremely tough Behemoth robot
The infamous Dagger Squad, whom you've heard so much about all throughout your quest, finally helps you confront the Robot army at the entrance to Vault 0
Your squad faces off against the Cyborg General Barnaky. Buddy, I knew Frank Horrigan, I killed Frank Horrigan, and you sir are no Frank Horrigan
The nerve on this computer :)