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Windows version

Title screen
The intro, showing the carefree life of these youngsters, is in stark contrast with the grim reality of the game
You are captured by Vaas, the pirate leader. Note the psychopathic eyes
Like most modern games, Far Cry 3 is obsessed with achievements
The first mission is very tense. Grant expresses his opinion of it with a rather limited vocabulary
You meet a sweet deer during your mad sprint through the jungle...
Finally you can explore a village. Yes, you should buy a gun, but you prefer looking at pretty local girls
The gun shop is unexpectedly atmospheric
A view of the radio tower. Climbing on those structures maps your surroundings, just like in Assassin's Creed games
Beautiful view, but... it's just a bitmap. The clouds don't move, either...
The map is GTA-like, showing all sorts of points of interest
Yeah!!.. Finally!.. Gimme some wheels and an open-world environment, that's my kind of game!
There is an extensive database covering pretty much everything you see in the game
Hi. You know... I suddenly think of that Macao-style dish. No offense
In contrast with the lush outdoor areas, indoor locations can be quite grim
You can make your own healing items
Now that's much better than just a stupid pistol. Watch out, pirates!..
On a jetski
Many weapon models can be upgraded and painted
I'll try a stealth approach here
Shark! I can't really do much with the situation now - just hope to survive
Digital camera is used to highlight enemies and fauna
Hiding in vegetation is an important element of stealth
Each time Jason learns a new skill a new tattoo is added to his left hand
A rainy day in heaven
Fixing a car with a universal fixing tool. It's guaranteed to fix anything - even blown tires.
Playing some poker
Just blown up a car full of pirate pursuers
Fire plays an important role in the game: it can burn out the environment, spread to new territories and force the player (or the enemies) to change their location (or get burnt)
Participating in one of the racing events
There are a lot of remains from World War II scattered through the island
Hunting with a bow and fire arrows
Aiming at a heavily armored pirate
Another example of fire behavior in the game. However, the huts will get a "burnt" look, but stay as they are.
That's a bit too surreal for a "realistic" shooter
Yeah, that's good
Taken over a pirate outpost