Advertising Blurbs - European publisher's product page:
    For all those who dreamt of being a cowboy, strap on those spurs, because in this wild, wild west, wagon rollin', trigger happy, rootin' tootin' PC simulation, gamers can be all they had ever dreamt of. Start out as a rancher with a handful of cattle and a few good men to help out. The main objective is to extend the ranch and herds through cattle trade and make a few dollars along the way. Players need to create a team that can work together: The cowboys and girls are there to protect the herds from bandits and indians. Of course, this protection comes at a price. To keep those yellow-bellied, lily-livered "Gringos" happy, you will need to constantly supply them with all a cowboy's favorite things: coffee, beans, and of course a bottle of Ol' Redeye for their travels. In order to maintain and expand the ranch, players can choose to take the high road and expand their farms upholding the law... or to take the low road, where for a few dollars they can train their cowboys to become bandits... and set criminal gangs on the loose in native reservations, saloons, banks, etc.


    • Multiplayer mode for up to 4 players allows trading and shoot-outs
    • High-end 3D graphics bring the wild west to life on your screen
    • Mixture of trading and action elements combine into a varied and enjoyable gaming experience
    • Complete 3D world allowing gamers to see everything that happens on and near their ranch
    • Trade and bribe to help expand your Wild West empire
    • Wild West flair that takes the genre to new heights
    • Vivid and stylishly animated characters draws players into the realm of the Far West
    • Quick start tutorial makes the game easy to learn

    Contributed by Sciere (505956) on Aug 11, 2005.