Advertising Blurbs (Publisher's website):

    Farscape - совместное издание фирмы "1С" и компании "Логрус" action-игры от компании The Jim Henson Company.

    Командная игра-боевик по мотивам знаменитого сериала. Доверьтесь нам - и мы прикроем вам спину!Озвучено актерами, игравшими в фильме.

    Смотрели кино? А как насчет поучаствовать? Вас зовут Джон Крайтон. Астронавт-исследователь. Порт приписки - Земля. Точнее, Соединенные Штаты Америки. Еще точнее... А, какая разница! Когда ты единственный землянин на миллионы световых лет вокруг, названия планеты вполне достаточно. Вынужденная посадка на незнакомой планете - это еще полбеды. Но когда перед тобой стоит задача отыскать друзей, победить врагов и вернуть свой корабль, а под руку все время суется эта белобрысая... Впрочем, попробуйте сами! Межзвездная интрига! Ужасные преступления! Космическое правосудие!

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Back of Box - Windows (US):
    John Crichton is an American astronaut, catapulted by an experiment-gone-wrong into a distant corner of space. He's been taken in by a motley band of escaped alien prisoners on a living ship called Moya. They travel around the galaxy, constantly staying one step ahead of the evil, militaristic Peacekeepers. In the adventure (set during the show's smash first season), Moya is in orbit around an isolated desert planet, recovering from damage. She is suddenly attacked and boarded by a Peacekeeper strike wing. Moya's crew scatters. Some hide aboard the ship; others are captured; a few escape. Crichton, with the alluring Chiana, makes it off the ship in Aeryn's Prowler. They are shot down, and crash-land in the trackless desert. Stranded, unaware of their friends' fates, Crichton and Chiana must find a way to fix their spacecraft and get back to Moya to free their friends. In the meantime, they become mixed up with warring alien factions, and uncover heinous conspiracies and terrible crimes that threaten the stability of the entire galaxy.

    Game Features
    • Play as Crichton, Chiana, Rygel, D'Argo, Aeryn, and Zhaan
    • Immerse yourself in 26 missions in awesome 3D environments
    • Dynamic 3D camera for total control. Engage in melee and range-based combat
    • Battle with over 40 weapons and items
    • Control a squad of up to 3 teammates at a time
    • As team leader you manage your crew's skills and abilities

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