Farscape: The Game Credits


Based on the hit television series FARSCAPE created byRockne S. O'Bannon
Original Game DesignNigel Kennington
Game DesignJonathan Dawson, Alan McDairmant, Chris McMahon
Executive ProducerElizabeth J. Braswell
Senior ProducerAlan McDairmant
Written byNigel Kennington, Alan McDairmant
With the Voices ofBen Browder (as John Crichton), Claudia L. Black (as Aeryn), Virginia Hey (as Zhaan), Anthony Simcoe (as D'Argo), Gigi Edgley (as Chiana), Lani Tupu (as Crais and Pilot), Jonathan Hardy (as Rygel)
Special Thanks toThe Jim Henson Company, Farscape Productions - Australia
Additional Voices byTom Eastwood, Stuart Milligan, Stella Monsell, Sarah Easton, Jay Simon, Marc Thompson

Red Lemon Studios

Senior ProducerAlan McDairmant
Original Game DesignNigel Kennington
Game DesignsJonathan Dawson, Alan McDairmant, Chris McMahon
Lead ProgrammerJonathan Dawson
Head Technology ProgrammerKen Cropper
Lead ArtistGareth Hector
Level DesignerChris McMahon
Programming TeamPaul Keir, Andrew Paterson, David Stevenson, Andy Younger, Martin MacGill
Art TeamAlan Duncan, Thomas Higgins, Christopher McMahon, Phillip Vaughan, Joe Bradford, Scott Fulton, Michael E. Moore
AnimationThomas Higgins
Full Motion VideoPhillip Vaughan
MusicDan Selby (of Indigo Music)
Sound EffectsDan Selby (of Indigo Music)
Audio Processing and SupportChris McMahon
Original Characters Sound ProductionMatinee
Internet Testing SupportDaniel Livingstone
Creative Director at Red Lemon StudiosMichael Kane
Managing Director of Red Lemon StudiosAndy Campbell
AdministrationClaire Campbell
Red Lemon would like to thankCollin Murray, Irene Steel, Andy Findlay, Our families and partners, The Candy Bar

Simon & Schuster Interactive

President, PublisherGilles Dana
Vice President, Creative DirectorJeffrey Siegel
Executive ProducerDiane Strack
Vice President, Sales & MarketingPeter von Schlossberg
Public RelationsPeter Binazeski
Operations ManagerMeng Meng Lim
Associate ProducerKim Kindya
Art DirectorDavid S. Rheinhardt
The Team at Simon & Schuster InteractiveJohn Crowe, Stephen A. Ganade, Ellen Goldberg, Glenn Hauman, Dewanda Howard, Stephen Hughes, Christina Kuzma, Bill Mooney, Michael Wallis, Jo-el Rainey
Package Design by30sixty design - Los Angeles

Jim Henson Interactive

Executive ProducerCraig Allen
ProducersBret Nelson, David Bergantino
Associate ProducerMegan Walbridge
Art DirectorPaige Pooler
Production ExecutivesC. Steve Booth, Noah Dudley, Erika Pedersen
Art ProductionPete Mitchell
Business AffairsDyanne Stempel, Jill Peterson, Marie O'Donnell
Farscape Production, AustraliaSue Milliken, Anne Bruning, Lily Taylor
Special Thanks toRockne S. O'Bannon, David Kemper, Elizabeth J. Braswell, Michele Martell, Lisa Glenn, Farscape Fans Worldwide
TestingAbsolute Quality Hunt Valley
QA ManagerCalvin Grove
Project LeadFran Katsimpiris
Project 2ndJohn Kuhn
TestersJames Copestake, Thomas Herritt, David Im, Brendan Tobin, Jeremiah Sanders, Justin Durlewanger, Trevor Rose, Geoff Irerton

Absolute Quality Glasgow

QA ManagerHelene Aitken
Project LeadAlan Valentine
Project 2ndClaire McGowan
TestersCraig Cameron, Iain Martin

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Credits for this game were contributed by Xoleras (65877)