Written by  :  JPaterson (9551)
Written on  :  Jul 07, 2001
Rating  :  2.4 Stars2.4 Stars2.4 Stars2.4 Stars2.4 Stars

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Good idea; poor execution.

The Good

Fast Food Tycoon is a great game in a sense. It lets you manage a struggling pizza parlor until you can turn it into a successful pizza empire. Utilizing lots of ingredients, you can mix and match them to your heart's content. Pizza's can be made up of anything. There is also mob dealings, which add to the gameplay. Be nice to them; enjoy success. Tick them off; watch your place blow up.

You have a lot of customization, including carpets, chairs, tables, ovens, stools, counters, cash registers, pizza delivery people, delivery cars and more.

The Bad

The worst feature of this game is it's repetitively. City after city is the exact same thing, except in a different locale with different inhabitants.

The A.I. is exceptionally awful. Not only are your rival pizza store owners a pushover, the mob you annoy usually does not retaliate. Refuse their demands and you won't be attacked until you refuse them for the eight or ninth time.

The interface is awful. Unless you are a computer whiz and can spot out the options and controls, you will be unable to do anything for quite a while. The interface and control panel are all pictures related to pizza, with no text label. It's a matter of moving your mouse over the icon to have a pop-up tell you what it does.

No instruction manual. I enjoy reading manual's to learn about the game, but for some reason, the manual was absent from this game.

The Bottom Line

Being a "budget price" game, it is a good idea gone bad. I would recommend this game to people who absolutely MUST have this kind of game, and only them.