The Fast Show Credits

BBC Worldwide

Written byPaul Whitehouse, Charlie Higson, Mark Williams, Simon Day
StarredPaul Whitehouse, Charlie Higson, Mark Williams, Simon Day, John Thompson, Caroline Aherne, Arabella Weir
FeaturedPaul Shearer, Rhys Thomas, Robin Driscol, Nick Holder, Colin McFarlane, Jocelyn Gee, Vicki Lee, Angela Lee, Emma Robbins, Anita Kelsey, Rachel Garley, Maria McErlane, Eryl Maynard, Rory Jennings, Philip Hyett, Donna Ewin
Theme and Incidental Music Composed & Arranged byPhilip Pope
Additional Music Composed and Arranged byEddy Stevens
Additional Voiceover provided byMark Williams, Paul Shearer
Stills provided courtesy ofThe BBC Picture Archive
Development ManagerLouise Merlin
Shell Project ManagerAndy Russell
Head of Creative DesignShamsul Rosunally
Technical ManagerJohn Wilson
Testing ManagerDominique Colonna-Cesari
Product & Media Support CoordinatorAmanda Morriss
Reversioning ManagerLena Strand
Production AssistantArchana Sharma
Administrative AssistantLucy Nicholas
Rights & Acquisitions ExecutiveDaniel Jones
Rights & Acquisitions ManagerSian Teasdale
Marketing ExecutiveEve Chaloner
Head of SalesGordon Anderson
Head of MarketingDebbie Bacon
Technical Development DirectorGerry Clark
Product Development DirectorSarah Hennings
Director of MultimediaDave Lee

Installer / Comedy Pack Software shell

Designed byBrummel Associates

InteResource Ltd.

Chief ExecutiveJohn Strickland
DesignIan Armstrong, Darren Wilson
Quiz ProgrammingPaul Lamb
Quiz Questions Written byCarl Fannen
Cheezy Peaz and Well Suited ProgrammingIan Armstrong
Cheezy Peaz and Well Suited Additional DesignJon Andrews, Jenny Klaus, Nathaniel Wilson
Account ManagerMano Young
Quiz Database Connectivity byDataGrip
Cheezy Peaz Audio Mixing byDiamondware Sound Toolkit

Game launcher

DeveloperKelwin York

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rwolf (15259)