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Fate Axis (Windows)

Fate Axis Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Character selection
Varth hitting South.
South punching Varth.
Varth wins.
Next character screen
Shun slicing Iria.
Iria jumping over Shun.
Iria special attack
Shun special attack
Shun earthquake attack
Iria attacking Varth.
Iria kicking Varth.
Varth striking Iria.
Iria backflip attack
No.4 versus Iria
No.4 high kick
No.4 claw attack
Iria jump from another angle.
Iria starting her combo attack.
Iria combo attack
Iria special hanging attack
No.4 combo attack
No.4 wins.
Exax upward sword thrust against Iria.
Exax combo attack
Ring out
Exax wins
Exax versus Shun
Sword battle
Shun backflip attack
dialogue before battle.
good technique :D
some fire after attack.
burn & fall
next dialogue
Sure, this is Japanese game.
... and stay there.
Weapon in game: Gun vs Sword.
catgirl scratching enemies
catgirl - very interesting character. ;D