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Fate of the Dragon (Windows)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

A disgrace to the RTK saga. Possibly one of the most over-rated strategy games known. Indra is here (19840) 2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description MobyScore
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.5
Overall MobyScore (13 votes) 3.3

The Press Says

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If you enjoy RTS games, prepare to be stunned with an intuitive interface, rich atmosphere and great gameplay. Even newcomers and casual gamers will find Fate of the Dragon easy to learn and play. The city walls and defensive style the game mechanics impose allow for a slower pace of play without forcing the issue. This is a game for strategy gamers old and new.
PC Gamer Brasil
Comparações são inevitavelmente traçadas com a série Age of Empires. Mas, apesar das óbvias similaridades gráficas, FOTD é diferente. Se você gosta de um pouco mais de substância para seus games, você não está muito distante em Fate of the Dragon.
Power Unlimited
FOTD is een Age Of Empires kloon maar ziet er toch zeer geloofwaardig uit. Het spel heeft diepgang maar is tevens laagdrempelig genoeg voor beginners.
Insgesamt macht Three Kingdoms einen optisch einwandfreien und spieltechnisch durchdachten Eindruck. Das Dreigestirn aus Kampf, Wirtschaft und Diplomatie birgt sogar mehr spielerische Möglichkeiten als das kampflastige Age of Kings. Der sehr gute Gesamteindruck wird allerdings von kleineren Mängeln (Interface, keine Formationen, Kampfverhalten) getrübt. Three Kingdoms bietet trotzdem genügend innovatives Potenzial um sich in der Fangemeinde zu etablieren. Wer sich allerdings besonders an zünftigen Feldschlachten ergötzt, sollte lieber zu Microsofts Vorzeigespiel greifen.
Gameplay (Benelux)
Misschien niet briljant, maar in ieder geval onderhoudend. Zeker de aanschaf waard voor de rts liefhebbers.
My other major problem was with the way they decided to handle the fog of war. It doesn't ruin the game or anything, but it's really annoying. Instead of the transparent fog of war that encroaches after you've explored an area of the map, the black opaque fog of war moved back in to block everything that you've seen after a while. So unless you have a really good memory, or turn off the fog of war (which I don't like to do), you won't be able to remember the layout of the terrain to know where to send your troops. Not that they'd be able to make it there in a timely fashion anyway as the pathfinding isn't top shape.
This product has some very nice touches, and the cutscenes are very well rendered. But does it really break new ground in the world of the civ genre? Not really. Does it build on the existing scope of the genre? Perhaps a bit. Fate of the Dragon is as solid a game as there is on the market, and a nice introduction to players to have never ventured into this realm. It is a good program, and quite enjoyable.
Game Over Online
FOD really tries to merge several genres while paying homage to its primary inspirations, AOE and the Koei dynasty of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. No doubt, it achieves much in the way of introducing new ideas. However, some of these ideas can be negated. Supply lines can be dismissed if you can execute lightning fast blitzkrieg style attacks on cities, capturing the cities before your men starve and even if your men starve, a horde of hungry men can easily overrun a few well-fed ones. Warriors may help win the game but mage-like heroes seem to be more a liability than an asset.
GameStar (Germany)
Three Kingdoms ist für mich ein klassisches Spiel der Kategorie »macht spontan Spaß, sieht einfach aus und wird später ganz schön komplex«. Das ist genau die Art sich entwickelnder Spieltiefe, die ich mag, zumal auch noch Grafik und Sound größtenteils stimmen. Schade allerdings, dass einige gute Ideen nur halbherzig umgesetzt wurden, besonders der umständliche Städte-Transfer könnte einfacher sein. Außerdem will ich die Hotkeys für Gebäude selbst definieren – statt vorgegebene Tasten auswendig zu lernen. Echtzeit-Strategen, die damit leben können und selbst bei komplexen Spielen locker die Übersicht behalten, werden den Kauf aber sicher nicht bereuen.
Ultimately, unless the historical Chinese context interests you, you'll find that Fate of the Dragon is just another real-time strategy game with a few original features, but with nothing really outstanding to recommend it. However, if you're interested in the old Romance of the Three Kingdoms games or the time period itself, you'll likely enjoy the game--mostly because it's one of the few of its kind.
GameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
wanneer de presentatie niet aantrekkelijk of blits genoeg is, dan loop je het risico gamers van je spel te vervreemden
Game Informer Magazine
This isn't a Koei game? Eidos has released a real-time strategy starring characters many are familiar with from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Other than the separate city and field maps, and how explored areas slowly grow hazy, this game is as standard as it gets. Well done, but not spectacular.
Malgré son contexte historique réellement attrayant et ses quelques nouveautés de gameplay, Les Trois Royaumes reste un STR tout ce qu'il y a de plus classique. Difficile dans ces conditions de se démarquer de la concurrence, d'autant que la réalisation du soft n'est pas tout-à-fait à la hauteur de ce que l'on pouvait espérer.
PC Games (Germany)
Zu sagen, dass mich beim Spielen von Three Kingdoms ein leichtes Déjà-vu-Gefühl beschlich, wäre eine starke Untertreibung. Im Jahr des Drachen ist wirklich ein ziemlich dreister Age of Empires-Klon, dabei allerdings kein schlechter. Vor allem dass ich in den späteren Levels mehrere Fronten im Blick behalten muss, sorgt für die ein oder andere spannende Minute. Auch die Idee mit den Helden ist ganz nett. Die rechte Zauberformel zur rechten Zeit kann das Schlachtenglück oft noch wenden. Ansonsten aber lässt Three Kingdoms einfach zu viele Stärken des großen Bruders missen. Wo sind die Formationsbefehle? Wo die lieb gewordenen Komfortfunktionen bei der Steuerung? Müssen die Computergegner so harmlos sein? Warum arten Kavallerieschlachten immer in heilloses Durcheinander aus? Wieso laufen alle Missionen gleich ab? Und überhaupt: Wer soll das bei all der hochkarätigen Konkurrenz von Blizzard, Westwood und Ensemble Studios noch spielen?
PC Player (Germany)
Der dicke Pferdefuß an diesem hübschen und solide eingedeutschten Gemetzel: Es ist für ein fixes Echtzeit-Strategiespiel - das es eigentlich sein will - viel zu umständlich, besitzt aber bei weitem nicht genügend taktischen Tiefgang, als dass man sich stundenlang in dessen Eigenheiten vertiefen möchte. Welcher große Feldherr mag sich schon mit solchen Banalitäten wie Nachschubsorgen, Naturkatastrophen oder gar Problemen mit der Schweinezucht herumärgern, wenn er gerade einen alles entscheidenden Großangriff vom Zaun gebrochen hat? Ganz zu schweigen davon, wie lange es dauert, bis man überhaupt eine ausreichend große Truppe beisammen hat: Um einen einzigen lausigen Reiter zu erhalten, muss ich erst einen Farmer produzieren, ihn in die Kaserne schicken und zum Kämpfer ausbilden. Parallel dazu wird im Stall ein Pferd produziert, der Kämpfer zum Gaul beordert und nebenbei denken Sie ausführlichst über die Versorgungsprobleme einer riesigen Angriffsarmee nach.
All Game Guide
The level of detail and control offers many ways to complete a mission and the differences between them are subtle but significant. Unfortunately, this is counterbalanced by the lack of diversity in the missions. To a certain extent, when you've played one, you've played them all. Despite this notable shortcoming, strategy fans will have a lot of fun playing through this engrossing historical epic at least once. And, of course, there's always multiplayer after that.
Game Informer Magazine
FotD isn’t bad. I guess that’s a good thing. The graphics are stable and reasonably stylized, the sounds are entertaining (even though I can’t understand a word of what my units are saying because everything is spoken in Mandarin Chinese), the missions are numerous, and the plot is interesting. Of course, the plot follows 2nd century Chinese history to the letter. I now know more than I could have imagined about the Yellow Scarves’ uprising. Nothing is really bad about this game, but there’s nothing that stands out, either. I would definitely recommend this game for anyone taking a class on early Chinese history. For the rest of us, I would say stick with Red Alert 2.
Surprenant ce Destin du Dragon. Là où l'on s'attend à une pâle copie supplémentaire de Age of Empires, Overmax Studio propose un stratégie temps réel aussi riche en innovations qu'intéressant dans les possibilités tactiques offertes. Certes, on sent parfois un manque d'expérience dans l'organisation de fonctionnalités inédites (assauts sur les villes, méthode de recrutement, administration des cités, champs de bataille). Pourtant, Eidos ne plaisantait pas en décidant de s'attaquer frontalement à la référence du genre : on a là beaucoup de bonnes idées que les fans rêveraient de voir dans un Age of Empires. L'Empire n'est pas tombé, certes, mais Destin du Dragon constitue un conflit à découvrir pour tous les fans du genre.
Fate of the Dragon is little more than a sophisticated Age of Empires clone with slightly better art. The only thing original in this title is the extra little micro-management features that let you keep a tight reign on your growing civilization. With a weak historical storyline and little in the way of good looking graphics, Fate of the Dragon is another RTS I’d be quick to shelve. Perhaps worth it for a select few who are very interested in Chinese history, the relatively dry nature of this material makes it far from worth it.
Fate of the Dragon had a chance to be a real success, but something obviously went wrong along the way. The 32 skirmish and multiplayer maps don't improve the general impression. This is an altogether playable, yet mediocre and average game in any sense.
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
The saddest mistake is the lack of narrative. There’s a reason why this period in history is written about and adored by its enthusiasts: It’s an interesting story. Larger-than-life heroes assassinating or double-crossing each other should have provided for a strong narrative. What you get instead is some standard “kill everything” scenarios, peppered with overacted voiceovers. What’s almost criminal about the game is the way the bland text briefings containing the meat of the story mention great ideas for scenarios that aren’t in the game. Several times I read about a key event only to find myself asked to occupy another province. The new elements introduced in FATE OF THE DRAGON are quickly overshadowed by its myriad annoyances. It really ends up being just another real-time-strategy game, except that all the people in it are Chinese. If you want a great strategy game about the Three Kingdoms period, hunt down the original Koei games instead.