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A long time ago... In between missions, long summaries of the history behind the game are revealed. Those who choose to do so may become bored with this detail
How about 'Janitor of the East?' Giving titles out to your loyal subjects, like the legendary Guan Yu here, is the best way to keep your generals happy with you
So many choices. Skrimishes allow you to play on any of the maps in the game, plus create your own leader...including female ones.
Come see China! As your cities grow, small houses find themselves near towering and beautiful temples.
If we can conquer here, we can conquer anywhere... Your troops begin an assault on another city. Notice the change in scale of the strategic map
Who forgot the keys? City gates are a major obstacle in attacking a town.
Repairing budha statues brings you awards
Outside the city in some missions you can meet allies that would join you
The heroes can cast fire and use other abilities when they reach high level
Farming food
Cant take horses to the ladders
Lady Mi gives her son to the general and jumps into well so she wont slow down escape
Protecting freeing civilians
The game is based on a story. You will find lot dialogues during gameplay
Archers got hit by fire stone
In the middle of the battle
Market is very important part of the game
Storming city gates
Fierce battle
Storming the court house
Troops are ready to depart
You should take care of provinces under your control to get additional funds
As a wise ruler you need to help your people during disasters
To support your troops outside the city you need camps where they can restore health and strength
Unstoppable troops slice through enemy city
Using gliders to get behind the enemy walls
Busy peasants in the city
Gathering troops for attack
Storming city walls
Village burned by your enemy
Troops protecting the dock
Calling up a ghost of a fallen warrior to help