Fate of the World Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
The second of the four available scenarios
How would you like to be addressed, president?
The introduction to the game
The climate summit where GEO is founded.
In this screen you recruit agents in the available areas. Agents hold cards, but they cost money too.
The basic game environment without any menus open. Earth in the back will change based on your decisions.
Assigning a first energy card. What strategy should North Africa choose?
Follow news and reports through a separate feed
Follow the local buzz to determine the welfare strategy
Keep track of annual emissions
The amount of data you can view is overwhelming.
An example of the energy production strategy
On the left you can change the view to watch global temperatures.
There is a comprehensive encyclopaedia about all the game elements.
Not all decisions can be made in good faith
You were unable to help Africa.
Follow the influence of your cards
Africa has followed a successful strategy.
So many options... what should Russia do?
Most countries fortunately have lowered their emissions.
An overview of in-game achievements
Another species is gone because of rainforest shrinking.
The energy strategy for Europe
This didn't end well... a global thermonuclear war