FEZ (Windows)

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FEZ Credits

A Polytron Production

Designed and created byPhilippe Poisson
ProgrammingRenaud Bédard
ProducerMarie-Christine Bourdua
Music and AmbienceRich Vreeland (Disasterpiece)
Sound EffectsBrandon McCartin
AnimationPaul Robertson, Adam Saltsman, Annabelle Kennedy
Windows Version QA TeamBennett Foddy, Bryan Ma, Charles Shrader, Eric McQuiggan, Fernando Ramallo, Jean-François Major, Katelyn Gadd, Laurent Dario, Mario von Rickenbach, Mathieu Gagnon, Michel Poisson, Nick Rudzicz, Petri Purho, Pierre-Luc Poirier, Rey Quiles, Shalev Moran, Sven Bergstrom, Vlad Micu, William Hubbel, Zoe Quinn
Supported byTrapdoor Inc., The Fez Fund, Telefilm Canda
Phil would like to thankAlxie, Heather Kelley, Tone Bone, Raphie, Valerie, Jane Pinckard, Ken Schachter, Julia Pung, Thomas Scott, Samara Davis, Mom & Dad, James & Lisanne, Ed & Tommy, Alex & Derek, Steph & Tiff, Raigan & Mare, Nathan Vella, Kris Piotrowski, Dan Vader, Greg Georgiadis, Superbrothers, Shawn McGrath, Jonathan Mak, Brandon Boyer, Mathew Kumar, Ron Carmel, Kelly Santiago, Matthew Wegner, Kyle Gabler, Jon Blow, Ryan O'Donnell, Jenn Frank, Jason Rohrer, Jeff Roberts, Leigh Alexander, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Ashley Burch, Danny Baranowsky, Petri Purho, Syed Salahuddin, Kunal Gupta, Adam Saltsman, Annabelle Kennedy, Graham Lackey, Brandon McCartin, Paul Robertson, Rich Vreeland, Renaud Bédard
Renaud would like to thankMarie‑Christine, Jason & Kahori, Gamedsemicrosoft, All XNA Bloggers, All Monogame contributors, Pieter and Mat, Dominic Allaire, Babel Media, Tigsource, The Mount Royal Gaming Society, No Fun Games, Aliceffekt, The TV3D Community, Jim & Em, Brandon Boyer, Areas, Chad Concelmo, Graham Lackey, Kris; Nathan; Greg & Dan, Maman; Papa; Seb & Yan
Xbox Live Arcade Special ThanksThomas Scott, Neil Widmaier, Chad Long, Kimberlee Lyles, Robby Zinchak, Stuart Platt, Andrew Williams, All Xtreme; Experis and VMC QA Testers, EMEA Localization Team, Asia Localization Team
"Continuum" (Ending Music) is Prelude Op. 28, No. 4 in E Minot byFrederic Chopin
Third Party Libraries and AcknowledgementsSDL, Openal‑Soft, Sharpdx, Monogame, Nvorbis, OpenTK, Community Express SDK, see license for complete legal code

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