FIFA Manager 07 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Selecting mode
It's possible to choose how deeply leagues are simulated
Entering manager information
The managers' family. They play a huge part in the game now.
If you don't feel like taking care of everything, most stuff can be delegated.
Choosing a team. You can also make up your own Calciocaos, and start at a lower division
Choosing a player in 3D mode
Animated cup draws
After setting the season objectives (basically trading job security for money along higher goals) you can haggle a few more hundreds from the board.
Everything important arrives at the news center
Team selection
Selecting a formation
Tweaking tactics
The youth system is much more advanced
Transfer market
Player information. The window changes according to the player's club colours
Agreements are crucial if you are a very big (or small) team.
The people who will do the stuff you don't want to
The fans' evaluation screen returns
It's not Sim City, but the investing into club facilities and entertainment venues provide a long-term benefit to the club
It's still possible to design your own stadium, costumizing things such as colours, textures and slopes.
Your future stars might be kicking a can in a Buenos Aires street corner, so investing in youth facilities is a great way to tap the potential.
The manager information.
Now you have something to do with your wage
The "Football World" website.
Progress window
The season main menu
Youth tournaments present a chance to snatch a promising player from a rival.
Match options
Text mode
Morientes doesn't seem that pleased about the assist...Maybe Baraja stole the goal from him?
Half-time team talk
Post-match stats
The interface colours changes according to the teams. In here, you can also change the kit if you want.
3D match engine, reworked from Champions League 2004-2005
Videotext mode