FIFA Manager 08 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
Main menu screen
Selecting the game mode, you can choose several management and difficulty levels
After select your new team, welcome screen
Supporters opinion about the team
You can redesign the players kits or use the official ones
Historical achievements of the Atletico de Madrid
Main career panel
First training speech with the team
During the seasons you can assist to several interviews and press conferences
Each week you can read the sport newspaper from your country with the latest season news
On the audio option you can select your own music from your hard drive
Financial status panel
Scouting information panel
Player details of the player
You can meet the players and talk with them several times on the weeks, to improve their moral
First team line up for the next match
Formation and tactics management
First match of the league, against Real Madrid, our arch rival !
From this screen you can select the view mode of all the matches of the week, you can see the complete match in 3d or different text modes
Match starting on Estadio Bernabeu
Simao trying to kick
Simao preparing the corner kick
Zé Castro preparing the shoot
Zé Castro scores for Atletico de Madrid from a direct kick
Casillas can´t get the ball
Atletico`s player celebrating the goal
Red card for Diarra
Match stats at the end of the game
Results and table after the first week
Match day stats