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    Real-Time 3-D Naval Combat Simulation Leaves Port Today for Retailers

    Novato, Calif. (June 22, 1999) - The Mindscape Entertainment unit of Mattel Inc. today announced it is shipping Fighting Steel to retail stores today. Published under the SSI brand for the PC, Fighting Steel carries an estimated street price of $59.99.

    Yeah, But Mine's Bigger!
    Before the days of cruise missiles, sophisticated radar and tactical nukes, a navy's strength was measured strictly in terms of the size of its battleship fleet. Fighting Steel faithfully re-creates some of the most intense ship-to-ship naval gunnery battles of WWII, from 1939 to 1942. Players can command both single ships and attack groups from the U.S. Navy, the Royal Navy (including forces from Australia, New Zealand and Canada), the Imperial Japanese Navy and the Kriegsmarine from Germany. Forces can be assembled from a ship database containing over 1,000 ships from more than 90 different classes, including Transports, Escorts, Cruisers and Destroyers.

    Real-Time 3D Combat on the High Seas!

    This test of tactics and strategy takes place in real-time, in a true 3-D environment. All ships are fully rendered and textured 3-D models, for the ultimate in detail and realism. That realism also extends to the gameplay conditions: visibility effects include smoke, bad weather, low light and darkness, as well as starshells and searchlights for spotting the enemy in the dark. In addition, Fighting Steel includes realistic 3-D depictions of battle damage sustained by your attacks as well as your adversary's. A variety of combat perspectives are available through multiple player-controlled camera angles and a customizable auto-camera that constantly adjusts its view to show the action.

    Relive History, or Create Your Own!
    Your quest for naval superiority unfolds in over 10 historical scenarios in both the Atlantic and Pacific theatres of combat. Players can relive such fateful conflicts as the Battle of Guadalcanal and the hunt for the destroyer Bismarck in the Denmark straits. Linked scenario campaigns for each navy, unlimited computer-generated random scenarios, an easy to use scenario editor and multiplayer support via TCP/IP and IPX over the internet make for hundreds of hours of intense strategic combat.

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