Fighting Steel: World War II Surface Combat 1939-1942 Credits

Strategic Simulations, Inc.

ProducerJoel Billings
Associate ProducerSteve Murphy
Production AssistantGeorge Chastain Jr.
Technical AdvisorsWayne P. Hughes Jr., Thomas E. Halwachs
Historical ResearchFion Kelly, Grant Michaud, Michael Emmerich, Michael Hawkins, Richard Wagenet
MultimediaMario Alves, Maurice Jackson
Sound EditingMaurice Jackson
Sound EngineeringStephen Lam
Screen ArtDavid Jensen
Art DirectionJacques Hennequet
Additional ArtMike Filippoff
Manual EditorMark Whisler
Localization ProgrammingPhilip Wang
Test ManagerJeff Franks
Lead TesterAlex Marcelo
TestersBen Etheridge, Larry W. Finch, Brian Fitz, Jon Johns, Charles Kammerer, Kurt Maffei, Eric David Ribner
Voice TalentDavid L. Yen, Richard Fielder, Jan Lindner, Ryan Parkinson, Charles Kammerer
Scenario cinematic sequences by Keyframe Digital Production Inc.Darren Cranford, Clint Green, Janek Czechowicz, Kay Darby, Richard Dudley, Brad Ryan
Graphic Design and LayoutLouis Saekow Design, David Boudreau, Leedara Zola
Bismark and Fletcher 3D models byREM Infografica

Divide By Zero, Inc.

PresidentRoy B. Gibson
Vice‑PresidentCher Gibson
Operations OfficerJulia Mepham
Executive DesignerRoy B. Gibson
ProducerJulia Mepham
ProgrammingTim Ardoin, Roy B. Gibson, Brendan McGinnis McGuire, Jan Parthemore, Jim Synoski
ArtMichelle DiPaula, Brendan McGinnis McGuire, Andrew Koelbl (Anim.8)
Original MusicElizabeth Wilson
Voice ActorBill Gallagher
Sound EngineerDave Pace (The 12th Planet recording studio)
Game ManualBen Knight, Roy B. Gibson, Julia Mepham
Special ThanksDaniel Cermak, Jan Lindner, Brigham Hausman, Karen Conroe, Tena Lawry, Steven Petersen, Sarah Taylor, Andrea Akmenkalns, David Feldman, Ray Scully, Sam Clifford

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (202601)