Written by  :  Robb Davis (2)
Written on  :  Apr 19, 2002
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Marvelous concept, fantastic subject, lousy execution

The Good

Accurately gives speed and gunnery data for all ships and is relatively easy to a person who is not well-versed in world war two naval tactics to grasp concepts easily. Bottom line is; in most respects a superior game!

The Bad

The rules/data regarding torpedo types is a complete DISASTER! The Japanese long lance torpedo (possibly the most effective weapon of the war) is put on the same technical level as the Type 21 American torpedo! The programming staff fumbled the ball BADLY here! If you compare speed, range, detectability, and reliability, there is NO comparison! If a player wishes to perform as the Japanese player, they will be sorely disappointed in this game. As stated before, gunnery, radar and surface interfaces are superior. If the Japanese cannot overcome the natural disadvantage they have at the hands of the USN ESPECIALLY at night, with accurate performance of a superior weapon, then the game is fatally flawed in respect to complete accuracy and playability.

The Bottom Line

Raves........as stated above raves both good and bad.