FireFly Studios' Stronghold Deluxe Credits

Firefly Studios

Game DesignSimon Bradbury
Game ProgrammingEric Oullette, Simon Bradbury, Andrew Prime
Executive ProducerEric Oullette
Art DirectorMike Best
ArtistsJorge Cameo, Robert Thornley, Darren White
Multiplayer ProgrammingAndrew Prime
Sound Design and Original Music composed byRobert L. Euvino
Manual and Story WriterCasimir C. Windsor
Quality Assurance ManagerDarren Thompson
Firefly TestingPhil Busuttil, Casimir C. Windsor
Voice ActorsMatthew Finck, Raymond Greenoaken, Jerry Kersey, James Lawson, Anthony Mulligan, John Tearney
Additional VocalsLydia Pidlusky
Scenario CreatorsPhil Busuttil, Eric Oullette, Darren Thompson
Special Thanks ToDavid Lester

Rockstar Games

Executive ProducerJamie King
Production CoordinatorAaron Rigby
Chief Operating OfficerTerry Donovan
Chief Technology OfficerGary J. Foreman
QA PD ManagerJeff Rosa

Take Two (UK)

Development ManagerLuke Vernon
ProducerSajjad Majid
Sales and Marketing DirectorSerhad Koro
UK Marketing ManagerSarah Seaby
Online Marketing ManagerJulian Hoddy
Product ManagerGary Sims
Trade Marketing ManagerMark Jackson
PR ManagerNick Boulstridge
UK National Account ManagerDavid McInerney
UK & Ireland National Accounts ManagerDarren Haddow
UK Sales CoordinatorKim Irvine
Group Design ManagerJames Crocker
International Managing DirectorGary Lewis
Business Affairs Director DevelopmentSimon Little
Technical Services ManagerSajjad Majid
Group Production ManagerJon Broadbridge
Group Production CoordinatorChris Madgwick

Tarantula Testing

QA SupervisorMark Lloyd
Lead TesterKevin Hobson
TestersAndrew Mason, Robert Dunkin, Denby Grace, Matthew Hewitt, Philip Deane, Charlie Kinloch, Philip Alexander, Paul Byers, Kit Brown, Timothy Bates, Lee Johnson, James Cree, Michael Emeny

Take Two (US)

Producer Brian M. McGinn
VP of Business DevelopmentJamie Leece
VP of PublishingChris Mate
Executive ProducerRobb Alvey
Marketing DirectorGreg Bauman
Marketing ManagerMark Moon
Marketing Communications CoordinatorChris Larkin
Corporate Communications ManagerAnne Marie Sims
Art DirectorMike Snyder
Graphic ArtistDawn Silwick
WebmasterRobert Fletcher
Technical Support/QA DirectorPhil Santiago
Quality Assurance SupervisorFrank Kirchner
Quality AssuranceJoshua Noll, Scott Vail
Computer SpecialistsKathy Richardson, Anne Takeuchi
Technical Support CoordinatorJoe Covello
Technical SupportAlex Bradley, Daniel Karp, Andre Liggins, Greg Peeler, Patricia Saneman, Jonathan Stephen, Mike Tipul, Kathy Young
Special Thanks ToLinda Wratchford, Peggy Zoltan, Amelio Monkey, Patty Santiago, Melissa Voggenauer

Take 2 International

Vice President of International MarketingChristoph Hartmann
International Product ManagerGabriel Wunderlich
Internationals Materials CoordinatorKarl Unterholzner

Special Thanks

Special thanks for the great user maps toLanzelot, Andy, Caesar III, Théoden, Mafio, Doenerbraten, Graf von AAArh, Windteufel

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