FireFly Studios' Stronghold Credits


Game Design (FireFly)Simon Bradbury ( )
Additional Design (FireFly)Eric Ouellette
Art Director (FireFly)Mike Best, Jorge Cameo, Robert Thornley, Darren White
Multiplayer Programming (FireFly)Andrew Prime
Sound Design and Original Music composed by (FireFly)Robert L. Euvino
Manual and Story Writer (FireFly)Casimir C. Windsor
Quality Assurance Manager (FireFly)Darren Thompson
FireFly Testing (FireFly)Phil Busuttil, Casimir C. Windsor
Mandolin (FireFly)Matthew Finck
Voice Actors (FireFly)Raymond Greenoaken, Jerry Kersey, James Lawson, Anthony Mulligan, John Tearney
Additional Vocals (FireFly)Lydia Pidlusky
Scenario Creators (FireFly)Phil Busuttil, Eric Ouellette, Darren Thompson
Special Thanks To (FireFly)David Lester
Executive Producer (Rockstar Games)Jamie King
Production Coordinator (Rockstar Games)Aaron Rigby
Chief Operating Officer (Rockstar Games)Terry Donovan
Chief Technology Officer (Rockstar Games)Gary J. Foreman
QA PD Manager (Rockstar Games)Jeff Rosa
Development Manager (Take Two UK)Luke Vernon
Producer (Take Two UK)David Nulty
European Marketing Director (Take Two UK)Christoph Hartmann
Sales and Marketing Director (Take Two UK)Serhad Koro
Product Manager (Take Two UK)Nijiko Walker, Gabriel Wunderlich
Brand Manager (Take Two UK)Emma Rush
UK Marketing Manager (Take Two UK)Sarah Seaby
Online Marketing Manager (Take Two UK)Julian Hoddy
Trade Marketing Manager (Take Two UK)Mark Jackson
PR Manager (Take Two UK)Amy Curtin, Markus Wilding
UK National Account Manager (Take Two UK)David McInerney
UK & Ireland National Accounts Manager (Take Two UK)Darren Haddow
UK Sales Coordinator (Take Two UK)Kim Irvine
Group Design Manager (Take Two UK)James Crocker
International Managing Director (Take Two UK)Gary Lewis
Business Affairs Director Development (Take Two UK)Simon Little
Technical Services Manager (Take Two UK)Sajjad Majid
Network Administrator (Take Two UK)Roger De Klerk
Group Production Manager (Take Two UK)Jon Broadbridge
Group Production Coordinator (Take Two UK)Chris Madgwick
Group Packaging Coordinator (Take Two UK)Joanna Foster
QA Supervisor (Take Two UK)Mark Lloyd
Lead Tester (Take Two UK)Kevin Hobson
Testers (Take Two UK)Philip Alexander, Timothy Bates, Kit Brown, Paul Byers, James Cree, Philip Deane, Robert Dunkin, Michael Emeny, Denby Grace, Matthew Hewitt, Lee Johnson, Charlie Kinloch, Andrew Mason, Mark Lloyd
Special Thanks To (Take Two UK)Emmanuel Tramblais, Debbie Jones, Gary Sims
Producer (Take Two US)Brian M. McGinn
VP of Business Development (Take Two US)Jamie Leece
VP of Publishing (Take Two US)Chris Mate
Executive Producer (Take Two US)Robb Alvey
Marketing Director (Take Two US)Greg Bauman
Marketing Manager (Take Two US)Mark Moon
Marketing Communications Coordinator (Take Two US)Chris Larkin
Marketing Coordinator (Take Two US)Pete Stewart
Art Director (Take Two US)Mike Snyder
Graphic Artist (Take Two US)Dawn Silwick, Peter Muench, Christine Lagna
Additional Art Support (Take Two US)Liz Brown
Webmaster (Take Two US)Robert Fletcher
Technical Support/QA Director (Take Two US)Phil Santiago
Quality Assurance Supervisor (Take Two US)Frank Kirchner
Quality Assurance (Take Two US)Joshua Noll, Scott Vail
Computer Specialists (Take Two US)Kathy Richardson, Anne Takeuchi
Technical Support Coordinator (Take Two US)Joe Covello
Technical Support (Take Two US)Alex Bradley, Daniel Karp, Andre Liggins, Greg Peeler, Patricia Saneman, Jonathan Stephan, Michael Tipul, Kathy Young
Special Thanks To (Take Two US)Amelio Monkey, Patty Santiago, Melissa Voggenauer, Linda Wratchford, Peggy Zoltan, Timothy Beggs
Brand Manager (GodGames)Dianne Vaughn
Producer (GodGames)Joshua Galloway
Public Relations (GodGames)Jeff Smith, Andrea Villarreal
Director of Marketing (GodGames)David Eddings
Art Director (GodGames)Jennymarie Jemison
Art Intern (GodGames)Ben Condit, Benjamin Lippert
Beta Testers (GodGames)HoYin Au, Francis Cermak, John Cuthbert, Jason Hon, Jan Jaap van den Hurk, Scott Logan, Matthew Lowe, Tina Matovich, Kenneth McIellan, Ed McIntosh, Tom Mescher, Sindre Nygaard, Robert Philips, Ville Sohn, Denise J. Steele, Vernon Suddaby, Wayne Troxell, Donald Walsh, Chris Coney
Game ProgrammingSimon Bradbury, Andrew Prime, Andrew McNab
Executive ProducerEric Ouellette
Corporate Communications ManagersAnne Marie Sims

Take 2 Interactive Germany

Marketing DirectorMatthias Wehner
Product ManagerGabriel Wunderlich
Public Relations ManagerMarkus Wilding
Online ManagerAlexander Harlander
Marketing AssistantMarkus Neumann
LocalisationEffective Media
German Speech RecordingsM & S Music
Special thanks toDon't call us Elvis

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Robert Dunkin, 63 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Kate Jones (480), formercontrib (159527) and Jeanne (76520)