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The Fish Fillets II (Windows)

The Fish Fillets II Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Options menu.
Intro cutscene: the mission objective is to find Virgil Crab.
The evil mind behind the crimes: Jack the Fisher.
The tutorial takes place inside the Fischwagen
The tutorial first level.
The second tutorial level.
The campaign screen, from here you can select which level to play, as well as keep track of the levels already beaten.
The fifth and last tutorial level.
Two new chapters are available
Intro for the second chapter (to the left)
The fist mission in the second chapter (to the left)
Intro for the second chapter (to the right)
The first level in the second chapter (to the right). Here the fish find the first starfish.
You've got your first starfish!
Bonus menu: the first bonus gain is a puzzle.
The first bonus puzzle.