Flesh Feast Credits (Windows)

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Flesh Feast Credits


ProgrammingThe Family Cat, Morten Brenna, Steve Jones, Jon Lewis, Les Long, Martin Lyons, Neil Raine
GraphicsDavid West, Jon Baker, Bill Harbison, Linda Smith, Ivan Horn, Andrew M. Gavin, Jan Erik Arud, Steve Lodge, Duncan Macintosh, Glenn Kristofferson
DesignToni Delgado, Richard Thorsen, Richard Kvalsvik, Joachim Svendsen, Bendik Blaafjell
SoundBarry Jamieson, John Sutton, Peter Connelly
Concept TeamAlex Bund, Nick Jovic
ManagementIan Neil, Russell Jamieson, Gunnar Nilsen, Stine Wærn, Nichola Whitworth


ProductionErik Wahlberg, Alan Mochizuki, David Gray, Mark McCunney
Additional SoundTristan des Prés
Manual ArtKevin Converse
Additional ArtChuck Pittman
Female Voice TalentColleen Rudd, Joyce Takakura, Kimberly Rogers, Sarah Holihan
Male Voice TalentHarry Chavez, David Gray, Erik Wahlberg, Mike Mangano, Marc Dawson
TestersJeffrey L. Loney, Alex Barreiro, Nicolas J. Azizian, Ryan Hurth, Marc Dawson, Mo Berry, Jeff Hedges, Rob Prideaux, Lancelot Nelson, Matthew Ironside, Joel Brent, Sean Potter, Brian Becksted, Darren Nagtalon, Arthur Datangel, Rodric Hong (as Rod Hong), Paco Youngel

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Credits for this game were contributed by ivan horn (68) and リカルド・フィリペ (49002)