Flight Deck III Credits (Windows)

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Flight Deck III Credits

Flight Deck III: The aircraft in the FS Carrier Ops package were created by some of the leading designers in the Flight Sim community.

F‑18Dave Eckert
E-2C Hawkeye, AV-8B II Harrier, flight dynamics for the Hawkeye, Viking, Harrier, F-14 and F-18Dennis Seeley
AV-8B Harrier, E-2C Hawkeye, F-14 assistance, CH-46 assistance, F-18 assistance, IFOLIS gauge, Fresnel Lens sceneryGraham Oxtoby
Aircraft Carrier main modelJavier Fernandez
F-14 and F-18 template/base modelPaul Hartl
CH‑46, F‑14Rey Lopez
S‑3 VikingMassimo Taccoli
ArrCab author, Aircraft Carrier enhancements (AFD, hard surface, navaids, animated blast shield, testingRichard Hogen
Box/packaging DesignerScott Slaughter
Abacus Project CoordinatorAdam Howe
Flights/SituationsAdam Howe
InstallAdam Howe
SIMAVIATOR project coordinatorAdam Howe
Beta‑testingDave Randolph, Clive Drake
Creator of the FSUIPC.DLL (included in FD3 and used by ArrCab). Abacus and ArrestorCables are licensed to use FSUIPC.DLL Peter Dowson
TestingDave Eckert, Dennis Seeley, Graham Oxtoby, Javier Fernandez, Rey Lopez, Massimo Taccoli, Richard Hogen, Scott Slaughter, Adam Howe
DocumentationGraham Oxtoby (Flying the Harrier documentation), Graham Oxtoby (Flying the Harrier documentation), Richard Hogen (ArrCab documentation), Scott Slaughter (PDF Manual author), Adam Howe

Additional credits for the carrier features:

Thanks to Javier Fernandez (for creating his excellent Nimitz-class carrier models and for technical assistance.)
Thanks also to Frank Foreman, John Morgan, Paolo Zamparo, for technical assistance., Doug Horton (provided testing and invaluable feedback and suggestions.)
Thanks go to Clifford F. Lord, Steve Berube, Larry Mangum, Charlie Solomon, Craig Stothard, Jim Strong, for testing.
Special Thanks toEnno F. Borgsteede (for BGLGEN), Manfred Moldenhauer (for SCASM), Louis Sinclair (and the folks at Abacus for FS Design Studio Pro.)

ArrestorCables (ArrCab) Version 2.5Abacus

Copyright (c) 2001-2003 Richard Hogen (All rights reserved.)
Many thanks to the creators of and contributors to FSUIPC and its SDK, and to someone on the flightsim.com FS2002 forum whose ID is KAngell
Many thanks specifically to Pelle Liljendal, Chris Brett, for deciphering the gibberish that is C code and providing a nice readable understandable Delphi object pascal example in the FSUIPC SDK.
Thanks toRob Barendregt, Craig Bergman, Barry Cooper, Tony Cullen, Josh Helsby, Brian Jones, John Wheeldon, Steve Berube, Charlie Solomon (credited as Charles Soloman), Will Beaudry, Craig Stothard, for testing and suggestions
Catapult and cable catch sounds were provided by Aaron Swindle (credited as Aaron ‘Stretch’ Swindle of Skysong Soundworks.), Thanks Aaron
Thanks to  Michael Gurezka, William Call, for information about Patuxent River NAS cables
Also, many thanks to Julien-G. Ravot, J.-Claude Verville, for taking time to assist me in debugging and configuring for operating systems configured to use decimal separators other than '.'. Users with Windows configured for French language can use ArrestorCables because of them!
Thanks to   Peter Dowson (for open-mindedly exploring new FSUIPC features.)
Special thanks toDoug Horton (for suggestions; testing and for the )

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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (147561)