Floating Islands Game Credits (Windows)

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Floating Islands Game Credits


Game IdeaArvi Teikari
though thanks toRobin Allen (and his Hapland series for giving inspiration)
GraphicsArvi Teikari
ProgrammingArvi Teikari
thanks toDavid Newton, Looki, Nicklas Nygren (Nifflas)
MusicsJohan Hargne, Noby
Sound EffectsKNP sound libraries, ASCII RPGMaker 2000 sound libraries, Daimonin sound libraries, Explosion sound effects, Soldat sound libraries, Electronic sound effects from various sources
Sounds from various sources, hardly edited byNicklas Nygren (Niflas)
Sounds byNicklas Nygren (Niflas)
Sounds recorded byArvi Teikari
Sounds made byNoby with sfxr
Sounds from freesound.org:Microwave sound by Digifishmusic, Circular saw sound by Acclivity, Bubbler sound by Pooleside, Chainsaw sound by Stomachache, Steampipe sounds by Jovica, Earth crumbling noise by Pushtobreak, Waterfall sound by Volivieri, Propeller sound by JillianCallahan
Special sound effect thanks forNicklas Nygren (Nifflas for improving the sound effects in this game!)
The TestersLooki and TheOracleFile
TestersAdam, Nicklas Nygren, Looki, TheOracleFile, DizzyDoodle, Kisguri, Nawby, Torava, AndyUK, Tim Wee (credited as Tim W.), Ben, Ravenius, David Newton, Slight, Jhelle, Tonypa, Mandypoo/Pandymoo, chipset, Chironex, The another Tim W, Fallen Fox, AaaA, Superfunk, Johan Hargne, alspal, Paul, lilmanjs16, minmay, googoogjoob, Gorfinhofin, DragonMC, Hawkeye, chipset
Special ThanksJohan Hargne (for the hard work he put into the music of FIG! I appreciate it!), Nicklas Nygren (Nifflas for all the advice and help I got from him), Nifflas' support forum crew for keeping me going, Looki for being the ultimate tester and for giving good feedback, People who submit sound effects to the Freesound Project, #Modarchive for help, JayisGames and especially the users of the JayisGames IRC client for help and support

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