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Fly Lauda Credits

Fly Lauda!

Papa Tango would like to thank the following people for their contribution to this project without whom it would not have been possible to make:

Geneva Credits

Papa Tango would like to thank the hundred or so people who contributed to this massive project; toNiki Lauda, the directors, managers, and staff, Martin, Christian, and especially Susi[for all her hard work and late nights!]
Captain, Officers and flight attendantsMika, Daniela, Christian and Daniel.
Vienna Airport staffChristian, security staff, general aviation and additional departments, Margo, Serge and John.
To our testing teamsRoepi, Toni, Bob and Doug, development teams GZ, Peter, Daniel, Jan and John., Christian, Helmet and Jen and research + planning., Karen Katie and Susi
and last but not least to the people who made it all happen -Lauda Air
And if we left anyone out - a big thanks to you -you know who you are.

Further Acknowledgements

Vienna Scenery has been made with the help of the following tools:SCASN 2.03, AIRPORT 2.02, Schiratti Commander & Scenery Maker, Scenery Builder PREFAB[for static airplanes]

Special Thanks

ToManfred Moldenhauer (for the use of the SCASM program and for his precious advice), Pascal Meziat, and Virtual Pilots of France for AIRPORT and their great advice, Konstantin Kukushkin (for his great help and co-operation), Boeing[for their co-operation in allowing the use of the material], Cessna Bombardier and ATR for the technical specifications and also for their co-operation.

Credits Addendum July '99

We'd like to thank the people who put a special amount of work. ToGarry Lewis (who is working with Papa Tango on some great and awesome aircraft - thanks Garry for those last minutes changes to these great models!), Neil[who 'broke his back' to '...get it right...!'], Toni[who tested until he found nothing else he didn't like.], And last but by no means least to the families and friends whomsoever you are - we appreciate your patience and your coffees and teas!, And to the customers who take the time to read everything on these CDROMS; God bless you all., We appreciate your valid support in this growing community., Have fun and enjoy LAUDA AIR., We made it for you.

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