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Ford Racing Off Road (Windows)

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Ford Racing Off Road Credits


ProductionSteve Hart, Kevin Bezant, Lisa Hill
ArtChristopher Payton, James Morris, Marco Segers, Damien Murphy, Simon Richards, Abelardo Polonio, Martin Kirkley
DesignLuigi Fusco, Steve Kirby
ProgrammingJeff Sheard, Matt Lewis, Callum Hope, Dan Clarke, Kaz Wanelik, Jason Turner, Nicola Salmoria, David Hunt, Neal Tringham
Internal QAStuart Bayliss, David Wallen
Additional Art & ProgrammingInfusion Games Ltd
Vehicle ModelsV Being, Angelo Bod, Shafeq Rahman, Kunal Jain, Tarun Khanna, Ricky Kapur, Steve Oldacre, ThinkPlay.TV, Robert Plested, Aled Lloyd
SoundPitstop Productions, John Sanderson, Nadeem Daya
MusicPitstop Productions, John Sanderson, Nadeem Daya

Empire Interactive

Head of DevelopmentSteve Metcalf
ProducerBenedict Wilkins
Assistant ProducerSimon Davis
QA ManagerDavid Cleaveley
QA LeadJames Davis
QA TeamKyle Brewer, Nithiyan Thiruudaian, Oliver Pareja, Paul Lopez, Peter Leung, Phillip Octave, Paul Jackson, Simon Collins
Technical ServicesHaydon Farrar
General ManagerJames Spice
MarketingSean Walsh
Operations ManagerAnthony J. Bond Jr.
Studio ManagerAndrew Philp
Localisations ManagerAndrew Philp
ArtworkAndrew Philp, Rob Cubbon, Nicole Smith
Special Thanks toThe Ford Motor Company, Land Rover, The Beanstalk Group, Mark Bentley, Patrick Mulligan, Lindsay Weaver, David Brisbourne, Roger Crathorne, Anthony Bradbury, Peter Keeling, Laura McNicholas, Rick Nath, Simon Davies, Tadasu Hasegawa

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