Ford Racing Off Road Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The game starts with a dusty scenery...
...where all-terrain vehicles fight each other :)
The title screen. Press "Enter" to go to the next screen.
The main menu, with the usual "rally" game options. The video/audio/control configuration is done in a separate window.
Before we race, we need a vehicle. Where do we find them? In the "Showroom"...
After buying a vehicle, it's stored at our garage. As usual, we begin with few money and weak vehicles.
After we got a vehicle, we can "ride" the career map. This is were the different kind of tracks are chosen. We start on the left and progress to the right.
Before each track starts, the game shows us a small resume of the objectives...
...and allows us to choose one of our (currently only one) vehicle to compete.
Track loading screen.
Each track starts with a small flyby in the starting zone.
3...2...1... you guessed, GO!
Needless to say, all behind me, please :)
Our van seen from the farthest view...
...and from the nearest "outside" view.
Seems the "Ranger" is a capable vehicle in good hands ;)
We can also race alone.
Progressing in the career map. We have three options available after winning the first race.
Basically it's telling us it's going to be a hell of a ride!
Another game type, "Gold rush". You must capture a minimum amount of cash, spread in the level as coins...
...which are those green dots on the track's map.
A track played on some Mesoamerican remote area.
In this track we have to capture five lost artifacts.
Nice scenery. Try to do it fast without hitting the houses.
Oops, we didn't capture all the artifacts. We should have called Lara :P
New vehicle acquired! And again, starting in last...
Crashed ship, elsewhere crashed plane - game offers some nice vistas now and then.
SUVs are jumpy in bumpy (meaning: in most of) tracks.
While the game is not overly challenging, AI behaves quite aggressively.
Game has 18 cars to race with. Some are concept cars, like the orange Range Stormer as well.
Game has 12 tracks, all which can be driven in opposite, making total of 24 circuits.
Passing an old derelict mine.
While the game shows its budget-title quality, it offers some hours of fun.
Ford Super Chief Concept Trucks, with aggressively roaring V-10 engines.
Most expensive car has to have flashy break lights.
Surprisingly, water has no impact on cars' speed.
Poor sound effects, poor collision detection... The game is like this bridge - it holds, but barely.
12 single player (and splits screen) game modes is not a bad number.
Hunting artifacts in Split screen mode.
Cars can be damaged (which impacts speed) in Career and Tournament, but not in Arcade modes.
Floating blue boxes with wrench logo, 2 per race, magically fix the car when driven over.