Forever Worlds: Enter the Unknown (Windows)

Forever Worlds: Enter the Unknown Screenshots

Windows version

Your journey begins here, as you are dropped off in South America
Title Screen
Introduction movie in DivX format
Some of the characters you meet are strange, like these hippie-sounding guys in masks
This is information about what Doc Maitland was looking for when he was lost
Doc Maitland has found a leaf to the Tree in this introduction video
Your first puzzle to solve includes turning knobs to light up a match to the location shown on the top left
A land of doors, this is one door you will enter on your journey... a door that will take you many millennia into the past
The crazy hippie guys in action
Examine your inventory by clicking in the lower right of your screen
Jack is being having places switched with a strange being
Here is another puzzle to solve... play the right notes and a giant condor will come to carry you away
The process of switching places...
A fiery head is part of a puzzle
This talking lizard wants to join you and will provide comic relief throughout the game
Sandor, the Condor will carry you away
Not the best way to be carried
The Bird People are raiders who are planning a raid
Crossing a swaying bridge over a large chasm
I wouldn't suggest trying to fly just because you took some wings... It's a long drop
Floating down the river will take you from place to place
Of course, if the river is broken, you won't get anywhere... now who put that door in the middle of the forest?
The game is not always in the forest... it takes place in many locations and times
Meet the maintenance worker
The Ground People are who the Bird People have been raiding
What a large temple for being in 75,000BC
Temples always seem to contain interesting sculptures and decorations
Sandals? The look like they are made of gold. But whatever they are made out of, they are special