Forgotten Lands: First Colony Credits


Game DesignerSteven Zhao
ProducersMelissa DiGioia, Colin Kastner, Patrick Wylie
ProgrammersSteven Zhao, Olle Fredriksson
Interface and Design ArtistShawn Seil
Paint ArtistJenny Nordenborg
Additional ArtistsTodd White, Rian Chen Chiang Chong, Martin Rebas
MusicSomaTone Interactive Audio
SFXSomaTone Interactive Audio
“Francis’ Sonata” CompositionStaffan Melin
Riddles & StoryShawn Seil, Steven Zhao
Studios QA ManagerBrander Roullett (as Brander “Badger” Roullett)
QAChris Tobolski, Wendy Scodeller, Ryan Gibson, Michael Sunwoo, Will Herschelman, Brishan Brown, Marquel Basurto Sr., Christina Kasinger, Rye Johnson
Special ThanksPaul Thelen, Clickteam, Hock Hian Wong (as Hock Hian Wong), Chi Sim Tang, Kane Minkus, Brian Litwinowich, Matt Bruun, Staffan Melin, Nicholas Thomas, Mike Raznick, Jesse Hopkins, Amanda Fitch, Russell Carroll
Clipart(C) 2008 Jupiter Images

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (77735)