Written by  :  tomimt (358)
Written on  :  Oct 30, 2006
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars

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Mediocre hack'n'slash fantasy

The Good

'Demon Stone' is, if not anything else, very easy game to get into. It actually is very easy game in general, so if you don't have anything crucial to do and you need to kill a couple of minutes (which is relatively easy with 'Demon Stone' as some levels can be played through in a couple of minutes.) before doing something important. And I also got it for very cheap.

Graphics are generally nice and voice acting, even though far cry from phenomenal, does its job decently. Though Patrick Stewart has done better job in the past.

You play with three different characters: a fighter, a mage and a thief, which all have different equipment and attacks. The change between characters is easy, especially if you have a good game pad, which feels the right choice when this game is played.

Gameplay works pretty well, as the camera mostly stays in a good position, though sometimes, when a horde of creatures try to mangle you and your three companions the characters seem to get lost in the middle, but luckily you just need to press the attack buttons and the characters will hack their way to freedom.

The Bad

I'll be blunt here: I would have been a bit mad if I would have paid full prize out of this game, as it is SHORT. I mean really short. More experienced players will go through it in less than eight hours. And the game isn't exactly clever with its plot line either: Salvatore has managed to produced another generic and cliché ridden piece of fantasy so typical to his works, that its not even funny.

The Bottom Line

Even though 'Demon Stone' is described as a RPG game, the truth is, it really isn't that. It's more of a mix between 'Mortal Kombat' and other beat'em'ups, and your generic third person action games. After each level you gain experience and gold which you can use to upgrade your characters and gain new attacks, skills or weapons and armor.

If you are in a need of a easy and quickly solvable action game, then maybe 'Demon Stone' is for you, but I would suggest caution though, as there really isn't anything in it, that would really stand out. If you aren't a fan of Salvatore or Patrick Stewart that is...