Forsaken World Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Launcher / patcher.
Server selection.
Choosing race, class and sex.
Character creation. Disappointingly few options.
Landmarks: Kalaires Plain - Freedom Harbor - Dawning Hope Library.
Landmarks: Kalaires Plain - Freedom Harbor - Magic Fountain.
Landmarks: Sea of Oblivion - Tomb of Glory.
Landmarks: Sea of Oblivion - Vyda's Tear.
Five vampires and a marksman at the end of God's Trial. Red bats as I was in Vampire Form, healing.
A much more balanced group fighting the God's Trial boss. My gear is 11-26 levels behind...
This happens when you're not careful enough. Especially for the squishy classes.
Triggering Vampire Form while fighting a boss all by myself.
Standard armorer stock applies to a level 50 area too. No, you don't buy gear from regular shops.
Landmarks: Lunagrant Woodland - The Sacred Tree.
Landmarks: Lunagrant Woodland - Spring of Love.
Gear is mostly cool, ...
... with particular care paid to female gear.
Still, that can make it over-the-top (priest on the left is wearing fashion, not battle gear)...
... (though bards of both sexes are over-the-top), ...
... practically useless (that's warrior armor, mind you), ...
... or just terribly slutty.
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.
Bards embracing.