The Fourth Wall Credits (Windows)

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The Fourth Wall Credits


DesignLogan Fieth
ScriptingLogan Fieth
Additional ArtLogan Fieth, Amalachi Cushman
Character DesignCorrine Snow
AnimationCorrine Snow
Game Objects ArtCorrine Snow
Concept ArtCorrine Snow
Background ArtAmalachi Cushman
Menu ArtAmalachi Cushman
MusicJordan Hemenway
"Blankets"Aleksander Hiebert (Writer/Performer)
Special ThanksBenjamin Ellinger, James Portnow, Justin Benjamin, Sang Kim, Wade Henricksen, Nicolas Miller, Blake Triana, Tyler Woods, Ben Schofield, Andrew Shurney, Davis Freeborn Standley, Douglas Zwick, Khalil Moutrie, Phoenix Smith, Anthony Murray, DigiPen Playtesting Club, The PAX Dev Panel, That intern that played this game obsessively, Our friends and families, Everyone at DigiPen
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