The Fourth Wall Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The young apprentice leaves his village.
The title screen where the gameplay mechanic is first introduced.
Freeze the screen here and walk to the left to appear on the right side, an area that was previously inaccessible.
Grab the orb to be able to activate the fourth wall whenever you please.
Gently dropping down the stream past the lava
Exit levels through these doors
Moving over a platform
You need the key to pass here, and the animal will launch you into the air.
Activating the fourth wall to get the animal to the other side.
This animal keeps falling into the pit.
You can jump high enough to move up here.
The projectiles are duplicated.
Find a way to get past the laser beam.
In any other game you would just be stuck.
If you can get the moving platform to the other side, you can block the laser beam.
Level exit
A small animal and a key down below
You can walk on the green beams.
Later levels have many difficulties at the same time.
It's easy to get past this one.
Near the end of the game