Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster Credits


Executive ProducersLoring Casartelli, Keith Metzger
Producer and Creative DirectorKeith Metzger
Art DirectionKeith Metzger, Paul Taylor
Game DesignNorman Badillo, Ian Brown, Keith Metzger, Phil Mikkelson, Paul Taylor
ProgrammingIan Brown, Natalie Chew, Brendon Gormley, Alan Maldonado, Jonathan Darke, Christopher Paulicka, Caroline Sloan, Peter Young
Project ManagementHelen Grove, Anne Marquis, Don Souza, Shane Keeble
ArtistsGeoffrey Brandenburg, Kevin Byall, Peter Davis, Robert Dougherty, Barrett Fox, Eva Gaskin, Jeri Johnston, Shane Keeble, Janine Kubert (as Janine Kuber), Michael F. Lawrence, Michael S. Lucas, Sean McKee, David Parsons, Jose A. Scarpitta, Paul Taylor, Ben deLeeuw
Story and Character DevelopmentKeith Metzger, Phil Mikkelson, Reed Rahlman
Based on Characters Created ByMary Shelley
Character DialogueKeith Metzger, Phil Mikkelson, Andy Valvur
Video DirectionLoring Casartelli, Keith Metzger, Phil Mikkelson
Video Digitization, Editing and ProcessingAlex Bohn, Claudio Fernandes, Alan Maldonado, Brian Unflat
WardrobeVictoria Moreno
Make‑up and Hair StylistLoring Casartelli, Nancie Marsalis
Student TeacherJewell Ashby
Audio ProcessingKathleen Abing, Kirk Austin, Alex Bohn, Bill Dierssen, Craig Duman, Claudio Fernandes
Audio MasteringSergio A. Bustamante II, Craig Duman
Musical ScoreDavid Dvorin
Administrative SupportEric Platt, Dean Sitton, Tina Storey
Manager of Information SystemBob Wolcott
Game ManualS. Lee White
Supervising ProducerKen Allen
Graphic DesignSalma Asadi
IllustrationVance Kovacs
StarringTim Curry (as Dr. Frankenstein), Robert Rothrock (as the voice of the monster)
Co‑StarringAmanda Fuller (as Gabrielle), Brian Narelle (as Gardener, Butler, Vladimir and Whipping Boy), Rebecca Wink (as Sarah)

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