Written by  :  Marty Bonus (41)
Written on  :  Feb 05, 2004
Platform  :  Windows

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A great game, flawlessly executed that just doesn't last long enough.

The Good

AI: The AI in the game is pretty darned decent. Pathfinding problems do occur, but for the greatest part, your squadmates go and do what you tell them to. The squad interface is simple and effective for the game. Graphics: Graphics are based on the Hitman 2 engine. They are respectable given the release time. While not totally detailed, environments very well as do the textures. NPC models are repetitive, but also appear and move in a very lifelike fashion. Sound: The score is by Jesper Kyd. Need I mention more? Gun sounds suit the models. Explosion sound effects are standard issue. All in all, the sound is average, but the music is great throughout the game. Gameplay: Here's where Freedom Fighters really earns its keep. The gameplay is probably the most seamless I've seen. Save points are frequent enough to be manageable, but distant enough to provide a challenge. The game is action packed but not so much that strategy does not play a part. The varied weapons and the fact that you can only carry one rifle and one handgun force you to think carefully about a plan of attack. Mission types are somewhat limited but understandably so. how many things does a revolutionary really need to do? Plot: The plot is fairly straightforward. Blast the commies. I didn't see the plot twist coming, but I understand that some players did. I think overall it was good for the action genre.

The Bad

Sound effects for guns were a bit of a let down. They were fairly muffled and indistinct. The ending is anticlimactic and comes far too fast. This is a sub-10 hour game for a decent action gamer. More NPC models would have been nice. It's tiresome to have the same 4 buddies and shoot the same 5 enemies. Almost every level had a machine gun nest/ bunker/roadblock on some street. You could bank on having to take out a cluster of guys at some critical area. No stealth options whatsoever.

The Bottom Line

A great action game. Straightforward and simple, I'd recommend it to anyone into pure action games. The game design is excellent with just a few minor complaints. It's very immersive.