Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen (Bad Guys Side)
Load screen
Cinematic featuring Tombstone
Back at the base
Introducing Sky King
El Diablo torches a Nazi.
Freedom Force vs The Chaos Wraiths
A Nazi succumbs to Eve's charms.
Character Sheet
A stunned enemy, ready to be interrogated.
Alchemiss casts a confuse spell.
Fighting a tank in Nazi Germany.
Training your heroes.
And adding them to your team.
Freedom Force rolling in their pimped-out ride.
Selecting heroes for your squad...
"Rumble Room" (instant action) config screen
Aerial duel against Red Oktober
Eve unleashes her powers on a Nazi guard.
Fortissimo unleashes his sonic powers on FF.
The Ant uses his powers to burrow under a force field.
Bombs away!
Tricolour puts the hurt in these guards.
These Energy X canisters give you several bonuses depending on their color.
Controlling a tank...
One of our heroes being tortured.
A Kill-a-rilla sends Tricolour flying from a blow!
You can put environmental elements to good use with the right characters...
The Green Genie fools around back at FF HQ.
Our heroes discover their powers...
"Secret Origins" tell each hero's origin story in comic book-styled cut-scenes.
Tombstone using his possession powers.
While Red Sun concentrates on a decoy, the real deal sneaks in from behind...
Bullet races through the level, I could barely catch him here!
Battle in a Nazi lab