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Freedom Force (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Freedom Force Credits


Freedom Force TeamDavid Beswick, Michael Blake, Eric Brosius, Karl Burdack, Chris Butterworth, Matthew Cairns, Jonathan Chey, Sylvia Chong, Anthony Clare, Glenn Fiedler, Patricia Hunt, Paula Huston, Ben Hutchings, Russell Jacobson, Morgan Jaffit, Daniel Keating, Brendon Kirk, Jay Kyburz, Ben Lee, Ken Levine, David Lewin, Kevin Lockitt, Edward Orman, Jonathan Pelling, Andrew Smith, Max Sneddon, Robb Waters, Rowan Wyborn
With Help FromRob Beardow, Jo Bowan, Andrew Chambers, Linda Fisher, Murray Philbrick, Carl Sandland
VoicesEmily Abercrombie (as Sea Urchin), John Abercrombie (as Bullies; College Guys; Gang Members; Groundsman), Lily Allen (as Law; Pan's Slyphs; Shadow; Civilian Females; Generic Female Hero), Eric Brosius (as Lord Dominion's Warriors; Mr. Mechanical's Mechmen; Bullies; Old Man; Purse Snatcher), Terri Brosius (as Blackbird; Pan's Slyphs; Civilian Females; Estela; Old Woman; Room Mate Emily; Statue of the Goddess; Ted's Girlfriend), Caroline Brown (as Alchemiss), Terrance Cohen (as Civilian Males), Carlos Cuello (as College Guys; Gang Members), Dorian Hart (as Déjà Vu; Lord Dominion's Praetor), Paul Hellquist (as Newsboy), Gareth Hinds (as Civilian Males), Paula Huston (Civilian Females), Mikhail Islam (as El Diablo), Alexx Kay (as Mr. Mechanical; Ted's Brother Tom), Christopher King (as Order; Shadow's Darkmen; Generic Male Hero), Geoffrey Laff (as The Ant; Pinstripe's Thugs; Civilian Males), George Ledoux (as Bullet; Microwave; Minute Man; Pinstripe's Thugs; Mafioso), Ken Levine (as Gang Members; The Vietcong), Kate Lohman (as Eve; Nuclear Winter's Ice Queen; Pan's Slyphs; Civilian Females), Edward J. Moore III (as Nuclear Winter's Ice Troopers; O'Connor; Bullies; College Guys), Shawn Robertson (as Pinstripe's Thugs), Robin Russell (as Liberty Lad; Kid), Stephen Russell (as Man O' War; Iron Ox; Pan; Pinstripe; Timemaster; Civilian Males; Judge), Henry Smith (as Civilian Males), Mark Stevick (as Supercollider; Lord Dominion; Shadow's Darkmen; Policeman), Ian Vogel (as Man-Bot; Narrator; Civilian Males), Robb Waters (as Mentor), Nathan Wells (as Nuclear Winter; Pinstripe's Thugs)
Thanks ToMichael Steuerwald, Alexx Kay, Ian Vogel, Paul Hellquist, Nathan Wells, Mikhail Islam, Gareth Hinds, Everyone Else At IG Boston, Meredith and Pokey, Holly Newman, Michael Davis, Frederick U. Fierst, all of Fierst and Pucci, Jerry Wolosenko, Linn PR, Andrew Mayer, Stuart Levine, Ken´s parents who took him to Woodmont, Stationery every Saturday, the great minds behind the Silver age of comics, Constantine Hantzopoulos, James Sterrett, Herman Kaiser, Randy, Lu, Doug Church, Robert Fermier, Harvey Smith, Gabby At Pinki´s, Dale & Mike At MGON, Omega Psycho‑Pirate, Dark Jared, All The External Beta Testers

Electronic Arts

ProducerMatt McKnight
Associate ProducerJeff Hasson
Int´l Production DirectorAtsuko Matsumoto
Int´l Production SpecialistJonathan Silverman
Product ManagerSteve Perkins
Marketing AssistantAnthony Caiazzo
Public RelationsJason Andersen
Production AssistantAndi Gotard
DocumentationEde Clarke, Jose Gonzales
Manual Design and LayoutThe Big Idea Group Inc
MasteringMichael Deir, Chris Espiritu, Kima Hayuk, Michael Yasko
Customer Quality ControlBenjamin Smith, Dave Knudson, Darryl Jenkins, Andrew Young, Anthony Alexander, Anthony Barbagallo
CAT LabJohn Hanley, Mark Gonzales, David Koerner, Dave Caron, Emiliano Miranda
Testing ManagerKurt Hsu
Testing SupervisorLudon Lee
LeadsDeni Skeens, Jose Gonzales
Assistant LeadJustin Holst
TestersSyruss Tuttin Flyte, Colin Clarke, Jason Morales, Anne Ephraim, David K. McCormack, Ian Riff, Vincent Brooks, Romulo Rodriguez, Justin McLeod, James Stanley, Kevin Douglas, James Grandt, Chris Newell
Special ThanksEdwin Caparaz, Kathy Frazier, Frank Pape, Tom Frisina, Scott Evans, Josh Hendren, Paul Armatta, Ken Balthaser Jr., Jamil Dawsari, David Ross, Michael Ress, Celeste Murillo, Evelyn Walker, Harald Seeley

EA Europe

Localisation Project ManagersSandra Picaper, Nathalie Fernandez
European Localisation Audio ManagerDavid Lapp
European CQC Operation ManagerLinda Walker
European CQC Test ManagerJean-Yves Duret
European CQC Test SupervisorDavid Fielding
European CQC Test LeadsAndrew Chung, Paul Richards, Ben Jackson
European CQC Test TeamRamon Mella-Alvarez, James Bolton, Dean Choudhuri-Bennett, Paul Davies, Luke Didd, Oliver Hampton, Tony Hopkins, Andrea Iori, Jamie Keen, Gary Napper, Tuire Ollila, Ian Smithers, Steffen Thejll-Moller, Iain Willows, Björn Sjöden
European CQC Platform ManagerJames Featherstone
European CQC Platform SpecialistsAshley Powell, James Arup, James Norton, Tim Wileman
Production ManagerJenny Whittle
Production PlannerJames Cherry
Documentation Layout and Translation CoordinationPaul Ryan
Materials CoordinationCarl Alston
Web Localisation CoordinationAi-Lich Nguyen
Studio OpsAnne Miller, Phillip Jones
European Product MarketingRosemarie Dalton

Crave Entertainment

VP of Product DevelopmentMark Burke
Senior ProducerRob Sandberg
ProducerKevin Hoekman
QA ManagerRobert Bryant
QA TestersJudy Baughman, Mike Kurilko, Adrian Lewandowski, Jamie Saxon, Ron Talay, Tuan Trinh, Ronny Chan, Mark Sullano, Greg Yungman, Paul Taniguchi, Thomas Quast, Diana Arnett
Senior VP of Global MarketingMartin Spiess
Sr. Group Marketing ManagerCraig Owens
Director of Marketing ServicesSheri Furumi Snow
Marketing Services CoordinatorYumi Saiki
Sr. Creative ManagerRyan Villiers-Furze
DesignerEthan Malykont
Special ThanksRonald Scott, Nima Taghavi, Barry Seaton, Mike Givens

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Credits for this game were contributed by nomiakasu (11), Kabushi (131934) and Freeman (18571)